Not just about art, after Richarlison’s tattoos are touching stories

Not only a cannon on Brazil’s attack, striker Richarlison also arouses curiosity through the paintings scattered on the body. Few people know from being a tattoo boycotter, the Brazilian player has turned himself into a living museum of tattoos.

The name Richarlison continued to bring excitement to the NHM, when he “shot” accurately, contributing to a strong victory over Korea (4-1) to join Brazil in winning the right to the quarterfinals. All attention is also focused on Richarlison through different large and small tattoos on the striker’s body born in 1997. In fact, Richarlison once boycotted the tattoo. This is different from other “stars” in the Brazilian national team like Neymar when he gets a tattoo every time he shows up. Richarlison is so allergic to tattoos because he doesn’t want to affect the blood donation he still does before.

However, this prejudice of Richarlison changed when he joined Brazil U23 to attend the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. Specifically, the current Tottenham striker promised to tattoo a gold medal if Brazil U23 won the championship title. This promise was made by Richarlison as soon as he flew back to England. Through a recommendation from friends, Richarlison found a tattooist named Dioney, also known by the nickname Dom. With ingenuity, Dom designed and executed the tattoo of the Tokyo 2021 Olympic medal, Richarlison’s name and the number 10 on the Brazilian star’s left thigh.

The second tattoo was done less than a year ago, on Christmas last year. It was an inscription on his neck that read: “He is Brazilian”. According to Richarlison, this tattoo is related to the song about him that the fans of his former club Everton used to sing in the stands of Goodison Park with the opening line: “He is Brazilian, he only costs 50 million. board”.

One of Richarlison’s favorite skin-paintings is a heart tattoo with the Brazilian flag on his chest. The tattoo depicts the love for the Brazilian national team in particular and the country of Brazil in general. It is known that when Dom was at Richarlison’s house, the Brazilian player spontaneously wanted a unique tattoo to show his love for Brazil. Dom drew a sketch on paper and was approved by Richarlison soon after. “I have to tell everyone that Richarlison loves the Brazilian team, really loves it madly. That prompted him to get a meaningful tattoo to show his love for the Brazilian national team on his body,” Dom said.

Referring to Richarlison, it is impossible to ignore the tattoo of famous cartoon characters such as Donald Duck, Son Goku, Bunny Rabbit, Popeye or Tom and Jerry on his left arm. “Richarlison sent me some pictures and said, ‘Be prepared. I want a cartoon character tattoo on my arm. I’m getting ready now”, Dom confided, “We discussed from the picture the size, the right ink, the time to make. It feels like Richarlison tattooed a series of cartoon characters to remind him of his childhood.”

With what’s going on, Richarlison is slowly turning himself into a living museum of tattoos. Of course, the number will increase even more after the end of the 2022 World Cup. It should be noted that Dom has already sketched a drawing of the volley that Richarlison scored in a reverse bicycle style in the previous 2-0 victory. Serbia in the opening match. According to Richarlison, his wish is to tattoo the World Cup trophy once Brazil is crowned in Qatar.