Only 3 British royal members who can only wear a crown once in their life, why is that?

In addition to Meghan Markle, there are two royal members who can only wear the precious crown once.

The royal crown is a symbol of royalty and only a handful of members have access to many of the crowns in the  Queen ‘s precious collection .

Traditionally, the Queen of England lends a tiara to the royal bridesmaids from her collection to use on their wedding day. For many bridesmaids, this is the first time they’ve worn a crown in public.

However, after marriage, members of the British royal family are only allowed to wear the crown when attending state parties or formal receptions at the time they represent the Queen of England. She would often lend some of the members long-term crowns.


Princess Diana and Kate are the two most crowned members of the British royal family.

Princess Diana and her daughter-in-law Kate are two female members who regularly wear crowns at public ceremonies. However, there are 3 other members who can only wear the crown once on their wedding day: Meghan, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

The reason is because they are not working members of the royal family, do not represent the Queen, so they do not need to wear crowns on important occasions .

Meghan Markle


Meghan Markle wears a royal tiara for the first time at her wedding.

Meghan wore her first and only tiara so far in 2018 at her wedding to Prince Harry. The tiara Meghan Markle wore at the wedding ceremony belonged to Queen Mary, wife of King George V, and later passed on to the Queen of England.

Meghan once shared in the media that: ” I am very fortunate to be able to choose this beautiful tiara. Harry and I went to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen, to decide which tiara is suitable. That is. a dream day for me “.

The Duchess will probably get another chance to wear the Queen’s tiara once she gets married, but Meghan and Harry left the royal family to build their own careers in early 2020.

Princess Eugenie


Princess Eugenie beamed on her wedding day.

Like Meghan, the Queen’s niece wore her first and only tiara on her wedding day in 2018 when she married Jack Brooksbank.

The bride chose the stunning Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara for her big day, a design that exudes Russian royal style. The highlight of the crown is the emerald in the center. This is the crown that was bought by the royal family in the 1940s.

Princess Eugenie is the first female member to wear this tiara to appear in public. She and her sister Beatrice are not members of the royal family. Therefore, they do not need to wear crowns on formal occasions.

Princess Beatrice


Princess Beatrice wore the Queen’s tiara on her wedding day.

The Queen’s niece wore the first tiara in a private wedding in 2020, right at the time the UK was dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Princess Beatrice used the tiara that the Queen of England wore at her wedding to Prince Philip in 1947. Although she only wore the royal crown once, she could one day inherit the crown. his own mother, Sarah Ferguson. This is the tiara that the princess’s mother was given at her wedding in 1986.

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