Ousmane Dembele: The return of ‘crystal feet’?

After his performance in the US, Ousmane Dembele promises to be an important factor for Barcelona next season.

During the tour in the US, Ousmane Dembele contributed 4 goals for Barcelona, ​​1 goal against Inter Miami, a brace against Juventus and 1 goal against New York Red Bulls. That is the positive face of the French player in pre-season.

Not surprising with the way Dembele scored, but it is worth mentioning that he can maintain high form, which rarely happens before. Therefore, a main kick in the next season is within the reach of the French winger.


Dembele showed a positive face during the tour in the US. Photo: AFP

The former Dortmund player brought a sense of excitement to the Barcelona fans, while dispelling previous doubts. Two weeks ago, Dembele extended his contract with the Blaugrana after months of negotiations. This is considered a risky decision for the Barca leadership after Dembouz’s performance in the past. Dembele is only serious and dangerous when he “wants”.

Xavi’s Faith

Since leading Barcelona, ​​coach Xavi has always stood up for Dembele. The 42-year-old strategist believes in the quality of the French player and considers him an important factor. Therefore, Xavi had a huge impact in renewing with Dembele, despite criticism from fans.

Xavi showed interest after Dembele’s performance in the US. “Dembele is very confident. He can make the difference” – Xavi shared.


Xavi has always put his trust in Dembele. Photo: AFP

“I love Dembele as a player. I trust him a lot and he knows it. Since I arrived, he has made the difference with 13 assists last season. Now only need to imagine a Dembele that we will see if he scores,” he added.

The positive factor that comes to Dembele not only from the goal but also the integration. The 25-year-old links well with teammates in attacking situations. Besides, Dembouz is also closer and more sociable, no longer shy and closed-minded as before.

Impact from rookies

The arrival of Robert Lewandowski and Raphinha spurred Dembele’s return. When Raphinha joined Camp Nou, Dembele understood that his position on the wing was not guaranteed and he had to improve. Therefore, in the past few matches, Dembele handled much more neatly and effectively.


Dembele integrates better with his teammates on the pitch and in real life. Photo: AFP

The link between Lewandowski and Dembele is also remarkable. When given the opportunity to play together, Dembele always directs the passes to Lewy and vice versa. Although the effectiveness is not high, Barca’s attack options become more diverse and variable with this duo.

Dembele is a rare “blockbuster” contract from the time when former President Josep Bartomeu was still at Camp Nou. Previously, the injury made the French player unable to meet expectations from the transfer fee of 140 million euros. Dembouz suffered 13 different injuries. In addition, there is a lack of professionalism. But for now, the patience of the Blaugrana and Xavi leadership is somewhat paying off.


Will Dembele come back strong after the new contract? Photo: AFP

Dembele’s performance in the US offers a promising future for the French striker as well as Barcelona. For an inspiration-driven player like Dembele, attitude and environment determine everything.

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