Overwhelmed with Neymar’s ‘birds fly tired wings’ supermansion that make guests get lost

Possessing a fortune of hundreds of millions of euros, of course, Neymar buying a villa, a super apartment or simply a garden just to satisfy his personal passion is very normal. He owns many expensive real estate, from several million to tens of millions of euros.

In his hometown, he owns a 3 million euro villa in the city of Sao Paulo. This is a villa, or to be precise, a palace with a glass facade in a deserted suburban area, suitable for Neymar’s friends and family to stay.

Neymar's new Rio de Janeiro mansion | MARCA in English

The expensive mansion that Neymar “hidden” during the time of Covid-19 raging

Neymar is completely comfortable in isolation to avoid the epidemic in a paradise-like villa in Mangaratiba, Rio de Janeiro state, with full facilities. Located near a beautiful beach and a large vegetation, Neymar’s villa is also distinguished by its luxurious, modern design with expensive furniture.

Last year, he also flew here to celebrate Christmas at his new place with family, friends and girlfriend Bruna Biancardi. This villa includes all amenities. It has seven bedrooms, a football field, tennis court, swimming pool, garage that can hold up to 20 cars and even a panoramic elevator between floors.

Indispensable mini cinema, fitness room, entertainment room, 3 kitchens and small living rooms for convenient reception anytime Neymar wants.

This is just Neymar’s “pause” house. In 2020, when the epidemic broke out, he made headlines when he flew to Brazil by private jet with friends to have fun and dance at the 8 million euro residence in his name.

Neymar’s luxury helicopter worth $ 15 million landed in “home yard” which is a mansion worth $ 10 million.

This is a mansion located 80km from Rio de Janeiro – where he used to treat his broken foot at the 2018 World Cup. Neymar’s 8 million euro mansion is located in Mangaratiba resort – where actor Sylvester Stallone filming the action movie “The Expendables”.

This villa is described as “wide and straight with the wings of a stork”. It has its own helipad and jetty, convenient for you to travel by plane and yacht if you want. In addition to the necessary facilities, it is also equipped with a gym, tennis court, sauna, massage room, spa or jacuzzi.

Neymar’s villa has its own helipad and pier

If that’s still not enough, he can explore an underground cellar with enough space to hold 3,000 bottles of wine, a mini-cinema… Neighbors of Neymar include player Emerson and Adriana Esteves, a famous Brazilian actress.

With a love for wine, Neymar has a dedicated cellar in the mansion with a capacity of 3000 bottles, designed with rows of wine racks containing only the finest wines in the world.

This villa has all the facilities for your entertainment. But it can only hold him for 2 weeks. After experiencing all that his expensive mansion has, Neymar went to houses in Paris, Sao Paulo or many other famous cities.

Đột nhập biệt thự xa hoa của Neymar đắt hơn cả biệt thự Ronaldo

Neymar’s house has been described as a dream home

Neymar is a super rich player in the world of football. That is undeniable. One of the many stories of Neymar’s playfulness and wealth told by Matheus Nunes. On television, this actor sᴜrprised the audience by reveɑling a fɑct related to his friend Neymar.

Matheus Nunes said that once participating in a game show on television, he was invited to Neymar’s mansion and was stuck here for almost an hour: “I went to Neymar’s house for the first time, and it was so big, I didn’t know it. imagine what it’s like. It took me, at least half an hour, to get out of there, it was huge. And that’s why I’m getting help. If not, I don’t know when.”

There used to be a lost guest at the Brazilian superstar’s mansion

Matheus Nunes also joked that he should have shared the location at the entrance of Neymar’s villa to avoid getting lost like just now.