Overwhelmed with Neymar’s ‘bad boy’ fashion style makes many girls fall in love

At the age of 31, Neymar no longer appears often with a flamboyant appearance. He began to wear more neutral colors.

Meanwhile, luxury brands and luxury watches have become an indispensable part of male players’ daily fashion.

In November, on the day the team gathered to prepare for the 2022 World Cup, Neymar wore an elegant outfit. He carried a crossbody bag from the Louis Vuitton brand.

Before focusing on the 2022 World Cup, Neymar caught the eye when he sat in the front row at Balmain’s show. The show was held in September, within the framework of Paris Fashion Week. He has a close relationship with the label when he regularly attends the show since 2017.

Sitting between Alessandra Ambrosio and Coco Rocha, Neymar featured prominently in the front row of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s show. The male player wears a striking yellow design. He coordinated the jacket model with the white-toned outfit to create a harmonious overall. This formula is safe, making Neymar’s appearance trendy and stylish.

Ignoring the sarcasm, gossip, the 31-year-old football star stirred up the “men in skirts?” movement? – a trend promoted by world designers over the past time to show gender equality in fashion

The football village cannot see two superstars Neymar and David Beckham playing together on the pitch, but the moment the two reunite in Paris as fashion stars at the Louis Vuitton show is enough to stir up social media.

Present alongside one of the most influential faces in European fashion, the Brazilian striker knows how to elevate his influence with a beige Louis Vuitton sweater and glittering jacket.

Sharing with GQ, Neymar said his fashion style is a combination of many factors. “Sometimes I wear subtle clothes. Sometimes I like to be creative. I want to create different looks but it depends on the mood of the day,” Neymar said.

Neymar is a model worth learning for those who want to wear masculine, attractive suits without creating a rigid feeling. In the elegant Bordeaux suit at the 2017 FIFA The Best award ceremony, the PSG star looks younger, more prominent than two famous colleagues Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi who are loyal to the traditional black suit.

The male player said that sometimes he would force himself to dress more fashionable. Usually, he prefers simple clothes.

In 2020, every time he appears in front of a crowd, Neymar always creates a highlight with sets of prominent colors such as red, yellow…

By 2022, male players prefer black and white clothes. He uses accessories to create a different look.

During the Balmain show in March, Neymar wore a simple black cardboard set. He uses a large necklace and earrings. Meanwhile, the wide-brimmed hat becomes the highlight of the suit.

“Denim on denim” set with Off-White shirt, Amiri’s MX1 jeans, accentuated by 1960s-inspired red-rimmed glasses

Normally, Neymar has a habit of applying the ton-sur-ton formula for colorful clothes. Recently, he regularly uses the Dior Lingot 26 Bag model worth $23,000.

In addition, Neymar did not hesitate to express his love for the designs of Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Gucci.

In addition to admiring the performance of the players on the pitch, the sophisticated “dreadlocks” braid hairstyle inspired by the villain Erik Killmonger in the Marvel superhero movie Black Panther deserves to be an eye-catching work of art. viewer.