Overwhelmed when looking at close-up Ronaldo’s Bugatti super watch – ‘Villa on hand’ is one of the most complicated watches in the world

It is a Jacob-branded watch, a close collaboration between Cristiano Ronaldo and the founder of this watch company.

According to the watchmaker, this super piece has been carefully styled and crafted to match the Bugatti Chiron owned by CR7. This model, a variation on the Bugatti Chiron-inspired model, is the Tourbillon Baguette, one of the most complicated watches the company produces.

CR7’s watch carries 232 white baguette diamonds, 109 black sapphires, for a total of 21 carats of gems. In addition, this watch also has the CR7 brand engraved on the face, making it different from the standard versions. Many of the watch’s complicated movement components are in gold with a satin finish that accentuates the class and elegance of this miniature Chiron.

The highlight of this watch is the miniature replica of the W16 movement made from transparent sapphire crystal. At the push of a button, the machine will operate with 16 small pistons inside the transparent W16 engine block. According to some rᴜmors, to have this watch, CR7 spent up to 1 million dollars, as if wearing a “mansion”!