Owning a super beautiful bust, Kim Kardashian makes fans look ‘chest tight’ & suffocated

Kim Kardashian has repeatedly made fans nervous with every breath because of her habit of wearing sexy dresses, showing off her full-blown breasts as if she wanted to jump out of her shirt.

As a star famous for her daring fashion  style, even unafraid to wear revealing clothes,  Kim Kardashian every time she appears, makes others focus on her hot body and short dresses on top and bottom. me. Even when dabbling on the red carpet or walking the streets with her daughter, Kim always wears liberal clothes and is sometimes considered inappropriate, a fashion disaster.

Just on Sunday (February 17),  Kim Kardashian attended a Hollywood event with many other stars such as Ciara, Ashlee Simpson… Everything would be nothing to talk about if the mother of 3 children did not shock her appearance. appeared with a bold cut-out black dress right at the bust, described by international news sites as “wearing like not wearing”.


This costume of Kim makes people “blush” because .. wear it or not.

This is a classic design with a bold cut-out detail that makes Kim’s bust excessively pinched, showing off in front of the camera. However, she is still very confident with her choice. She also expressed how great it feels to wear this outfit on her personal page.

It was Kim’s too offensive outfit that encountered many mixed opinions from the public. Most of the audience simultaneously criticized the revealing and objectionable dress of the mother of 3 children.


It was Kim’s too offensive outfit that encountered many mixed opinions from the public.

Although rich, beautiful, smart and able to make money, the mother of three is always criticized for her strange but offensive outfits for showing her body too much. And of course, the black cut-out dress above is just one of many times Kim has been criticized for her fashion sense.


Possessing a huge chest, Kim always seems to take advantage of all the time to show off her huge breasts in her outfits. In the picture, Kim looks very strange with a short hairstyle and  the outfit is too “unique”, both fragile and sexy. However, the fact that the shirt was too short made many spectators blush when looking directly at it.


Down the street with her young daughter, Kim Kardashian carefreely dropped her figure in a set of short sleeveless tops and tight skirts. Although extremely attractive, this outfit is not suitable when walking around with girls at all.


“Beautiful shows off ugly”, but showing off like Kim Kardashian seems a bit too much! Obviously, the viewer only feels pain in the eyes, but it is not beautiful at all.


Another outfit is equally weird. Especially, Kim’s round 1 was tight as if it wanted to burst out, making the audience’s heart flutter.


Also showing off her bouncy first bust and plump 3rd round, Kim pressed herself into a  latex heeled dress and still couldn’t understand how she would move.


Also showing off her bust, Kim wears a very strange short dress full of buckles.

However, there are also Kim outfits that have received many compliments because of their sophistication, respect for their figure, but not at all objectionable.


Wearing a suit without underwear, even without wearing one inside, Kim was still praised in this set.


Another time, Kim appeared at the event with a bold white dress that attracted the attention of the media as well as those present at the event. Although the cut-out is daring, showing 3 sexy rings, Kim looks really luxurious and attractive, not ostentatious or offensive at all.


Sexy cocktail dress made Kim more attractive.


Attending the event with her husband, instead of showing off her body curves, Kim Kardashian cleverly showed off her full bust with an elegant and sexy dress.


The mother of 3 wearing a tight black velvet maxi dress showing off her charming body walking on the street. Snakeskin shoes and a lovely fur handbag create a highlight for the set.


Kim Kardashian became the focus of attention at the Paris Fashion Week event when appearing in a belated semi-closed, semi-open coat of the Balenciaga brand.

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