Pep Lijnders suggests one Liverpool player boasts a ‘better left foot’ than Mo Salah

Pep Lijnders suggests that one Liverpool player has a ‘better left foot’ than Mo Salah. He doesn’t want anyone telling him that, however.

Mohamed Salah is without a doubt one of the best players in the world, let alone a winger. The Egyptian has established himself as one of the most dangerous right-sided threats, cutting inside onto his left foot and wreaking havoc.


Over the last five years, that left foot has provided numerous magical moments. But could there be a better one in Liverpool?

Pep Lijnders made the suggestion while handing out copies of his books to Liverpool players. In a video posted to the Reds’ Twitter page, he was seen thanking various Reds and usually making a comment about the player.

When he handed Harvey Elliott his book, he took the chance to deliver incredible praise.

“I think there are not many with a better left foot than Mo Salah,” Lijnders said of Elliott. “Don’t tell him [Salah] that!”

A better left foot than Mo Salah

We already know that Lijnders adores Elliott. In fact, a passage in his book compares the teenager to Andrés Iniesta – and it doesn’t get much better than that for a creative midfielder.


But does he have a better left foot than Salah? We’ll take Lijnders’ word for it here, but that’s high praise for Elliott. However, the club’s management appears to believe in him.

For one thing, Klopp couldn’t hide his delight at the prospect of Elliott finally getting a full season with Liverpool. He promises to treat him like a new signing.


Elliott could be a great ‘new signing.’ The youngster had a fantastic start to last season, with data indicating he’s a truly special talent. Only a serious injury against Leeds United prevented him from storming the Premier League.

We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us this time. Maybe we’ll see what Lijnders is talking about – a better left foot than Salah would be truly amazing.

Pep Lijnders is convinced ‘remarkable’ Liverpool star has ‘reached a new level’

Could Trent Alexander-Arnold be a better player this season than he was last? Certainly, Pep Lijnders believes this.


The Liverpool coach discussed the right-back in an interview with The Times for his new book, Intensity. It’s safe to say he’s looking forward to the preseason.

“Oh, he has no bounds,” Lijnders said. “If you watched preseason, he reached a new level in the games he played, in my opinion.”

“The way he dominated the right side offensively, but also defensively, was remarkable and if I see this boy it just makes me really proud. He trains in the same way he was when he was 15. The smile, the fire.”

This was something we definitely noticed during pre-season. Alexander-Arnold truly appears to be better than everyone, and some of his future work appears to be exceptional.


It’s easy to forget that he’s still only 23 years old, which means Alexander-Arnold hasn’t reached his peak yet. His best abilities may not be revealed for another three or four years.

And given what he’s accomplished thus far, that’s a remarkable thought. The Scouser has won the PFA Young Player of the Year award, as well as being named to the FIFA, UEFA, and European Sport Media Teams of the Year. Outside of the Europa League, he’s won nearly everything at club level.

However, he may have improved his game this summer. So, what makes him so unique? Lijnders weighed in with his thoughts.

“What I’m trying to say is that he sees things that the stadium does not,” he explained. “He notices things that I don’t.” It is our responsibility to put him in the best possible position to succeed.”

Liverpool does exactly that. Alexander-meteoric Arnold’s rise in recent years has been breathtaking, and he’s far from finished.

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