Pepe shows off his piano playing skills to confess love on Valentine’s Day but not for his lover

Famous for his fierce tackles on the pitch, but on Valentine’s Day, midfielder Pepe also showed everyone an extremely stylish and romantic image.

Appearing in the video with a trendy white suit and black shirt, the Real Madrid star began to demonstrate his ability to play the piano very skillfully.

Pepe plays the piano while reciting poetry to confess his love on Valentine’s Day

While playing, Pepe also recited a love poem called “The One I Love” that can make any girl’s heart flutter:

“I knew you were special from the first time I met you.

And you got me. It was like a dream come true.

A beautiful dream. You make me better.

I was born for you. And I was also born for you. I have perfected you.”

However, the person this 32-year-old midfielder mentioned is not a beauty but a pair of Umbro Speciali sneakers and this video is also part of Umbro’s advertising campaign.

Pepe must have received a good amount of money for doing ads to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend Ana Sofia Moreira.