Pete Davidson is back to being happy after breaking up with Kim Kardashian

Comedian Pete Davidson, 28, appeared on set in Australia in a relaxed mood, a week after his love affair with billionaire Kim Kardashian broke up.

Pete Davidson smiles and raises his finger to show that everything is okay when he meets paparazzi at the new filming set in Cairns, Australia on August 11. He was wearing a blue t-shirt, an upside down cap, and a script in his hand.

Pete Davidson ở trường quay hôm thứ Năm. Ảnh: Mega

Pete Davidson on set on Thursday. Photo: Mega

The American star filmed the comedy  Wizards  in the land of kangaroos with actor Orlando Bloom since July. More than a week ago, Pete came to the studio in a rather melancholy mood. On August 5, the news that he and Kim Kardashian broke up was widely published in the newspaper.

Theo ET, Pete Davidson was very sad because the love story ended. “Pete feels sad that he can’t continue his relationship with Kim, but he’s focused on his future both in terms of his career and personal life,” the source said. According to the source, Kim still loves Pete but she wants to prioritize her time over her own life: “Kim will always remain friends with Pete. She feels Pete is a sweet and kind guy. There has been no conflict between them up to this point.”

Pete Davidson đeo khẩu trang kín đi siêu thị hôm 7/8. Ảnh: Mega

Pete Davidson wears a mask to go to the supermarket on August 7. Photo: Mega

 Page Six  reported, Pete has had to go to psychological treatment from April to now. Comedian 9X was stressed and pressured because of online attacks by Kanye West – ex-husband Kim Kardashian. Kanye constantly stigmatizes, spreads bad rumors about Pete on Instagram and calls on fans to boycott the “love rival”. The rapper even made a music video to kidnap and bury Pete alive. This week, upon reading Pete and Kim’s split, Kanye mocked the comedian with the words “Skete Davidson died at 28”.

Kim Kardashian is said to have asked her ex-husband to immediately delete the meme on Instagram and stop attacking Pete Davidson. According to the source, the 41-year-old businesswoman still supports Pete’s spirit when he goes to therapy. She is currently in the US, focusing on the cosmetics and fashion business and taking care of her four children.

Kim Kardashian quảng cáo thương hiệu thời trang của cô sau chia tay Pete Davidson. Ảnh: Instagram

Kim Kardashian advertises her fashion brand after breaking up with Pete Davidson. Photo: Instagram

Kim and Pete have been dating since October last year, spent 9 months passionately in love. Pete is loved by the whole Kim Kardashian family and nurtures this emotional relationship. However, the age difference, different future orientations as well as too busy work schedules are said to be the reasons why both decided to stop.

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