Philippine Actor Infatuated Blackpink: Ever Expressed ‘Love’ To A Member?

Out of all K-Pop groups, BLACKPINK is one of the most popular among Filipino celebrities.

Of all the K-Pop groups,  BLACKPINK  is one of the most popular in the Philippines.



In addition to  Liza Soberano, the actor  Alden Richards is also a fan of the girl group YG Entertainment.

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Alden Richards

In fact, he has liked them since attending the  14th Seoul International Drama Awards in 2019. He returned not only with the Asia Star Awards, but also with passion. new to girl group.


One member of BLACKPINK that he especially loves is none other than  Lisa.

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Alden couldn’t contain his emotions even on  national television.

“Wow, she is amazing. Well, she’s so cute. Oh, she’s gorgeous. That’s it. I was drawn to Lisa.” – Alden


The actor currently follows  Lisa on Instagram and likes a lot of posts by the female idol.

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One of Alden’s top fanboy moments is when he gets to “hold hands” with  Lisa — even if it’s just a video game.

“Even if it’s just a game, we can hold hands. Good morning!” – Alden


This is possible because  Lisa  is a character in the game  Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

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The actor even bought a shirt with Lisa’s picture

Alden even posted a picture for his 4 million followers… and tagged  Lisa ! Alden exudes longing as he looks through the camera, besides, the caption also shows melancholy.

“When you can only see her from afar…” – Alden


After all of this, it’s relaxed to say that Alden is a real BLINK!

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