Portuguese striker was allowed to depart by Man Utd, but where will he go?

The saga surrounding Ronaldo's future with Manchester United started to take on more unexpected turns at the close of the transfer window

Despite hiring Erik ten Hag as coach, MU’s nightmare with Ronaldo continues in this new campaign. The Red Devils had to suffer two humiliating losses in a row after only the first two rounds of the Premier League, the most recent of which was an 0-4 loss to Brentford.

The current standing of MU in the English Premier League is its worst in the previous 30 years. Considering that he now has no chance of competing for a championship with the Red Devils team, Ronaldo has every right to keep asking to depart. Additionally, he received criticism recently for turning down the coaching staff’s request to greet fans following the match against Brentford. The Old Trafford team no longer seems to have enough patience with the Portuguese superstar.


On the MU side, it is rumored that the red half of Manchester has a strategy to manage its star. If Ronaldo does not change his attitude, Man Utd may think about ending Ronaldo’s contract early, Skysports claimed on Twitter.

Ronaldo will achieve his goal of having the freedom to choose a different Champions League team if this actually occurs. The tweet from Skysports was taken down shortly after it was published, though. The Manchester Evening News website insisted that the team’s position remained the same and denied that MU had “let go” of Ronaldo.


Fans of the Red Devils, however, cannot feel any better despite this factual information. Some fans still want Ronaldo to be benched because of his recent lack of professionalism.

Account CR7 Written by Rap Rhymes: “No matter how much I like Ronaldo, his conduct is wholly inappropriate. Cristiano’s contract must be canceled as soon as feasible by Man United.”

A supporter of Olufemi Adebayo wrote: “He wants that, after all. Additionally, it’s great for both parties. The first player MU needs in the fight against relegation is not Ronaldo.”

Others agree with and support Ronaldo’s choice to go:

“I don’t encourage a player who expresses an intention to leave the team, but after the previous two games, I have to admit that I had Ronaldo’s support in the wrong places. His selection is comprehensible. Is there anyone on earth who wants to continue hanging out in this bar where indifference is written all over the walls?” Maxim, a fan, wrote.


In an effort to find Ronaldo a new home, Gazetta dello Sport reports that Ronaldo and his delegation have narrowed their search to AC Milan and Inter Milan. These are two unexpected pauses because Inter, CR7’s former team and a rival of Juventus, has Lukaku. The Rossoneri, meanwhile, have up to three forwards on their roster, including two “old guys,” Giroud and Ibrahimovic, as well as rising prospect Rafael Leao.


The two Milan agents declined a purchase offer for CR7 even if it came their way quickly. Ronaldo was too disappointed after the last two games, though, so there is still a very significant chance that he will leave Manchester United. Even if the transfer market is still around three weeks away, anything is possible, just like it did last year when the striker left Juventus to return to Old Trafford.

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