Portuguese superstar sets a requirement to stay at Manchester United: Ten Hag must leave

As the summer transfer window was about to end, Ronaldo was forced to remain at Manchester United since he was unable to find a suitable destination

Since last month, Ronaldo has been making the “crazy” desire to leave Manchester United, but up until this point, the Portuguese superstar has not found a new home. However, the Manchester club still has a “dark shade” over it because CR7 can depart Old Trafford for the second time in his career.


However, it might be said that Ronaldo will be hard to “let go” quickly for a variety of reasons, including his pay, age, or personality. Even European bookmakers continue to place bets on Ronaldo staying with the best odds.

If the current situation persists, Ronaldo will have a lot of issues with the MU leadership as well as the new coach Erik ten Hag after the summer transfer market shuts, so perhaps even the Portuguese superstar himself is aware of this. Consequently, new information from English sources has abruptly disclosed the 37-year-old striker’s surprising switch to the Red Devils.


Ronaldo has made it obvious that he wants to win a few more trophies before he truly “hangs up his shoes” and that is why he does not want to remain at MU. The former Real Madrid player has little confidence in the current group as a result. Remember that the Red Devils’ most recent major victory is the UEFA Europa League triumph from… half a decade ago.


The owner of 5 Ballon d’Or must be prepared to remain at MU through the remainder of this season, nevertheless, according to the current circumstances. But Ronaldo also asked him to stay in a very clear way. The 37-year-old striker consequently requested that MU add more players to their roster this summer.


An additional outstanding central defender to join L. Martinez is one of the areas that CR7 believes has to be filled as soon as possible. To replace Matic and Pogba, who left last season, MU also has to find two additional midfielders. At the same time, the Portuguese superstar wants the visiting team to sign a right winger. Additionally, this is Ronaldo’s final “claim” to remain at Old Trafford.

Actuaries estimate that for MU to fulfill the Portuguese superstar’s intentions, a minimum of 200 million pounds will be required. The Glazers’ response to Ronaldo’s plea is unclear.

Danny Murphy, a former midfielder for Liverpool, stated that in order to rebuild, MU must bravely say goodbye to Ronaldo.

Even if it means selling key players like Cristiano Ronaldo, something needs to change at United.

Fans of MU will find it difficult to accept this. He is a hero, and rightfully so, but it doesn’t change the fact that they must act now in order to protect the club’s future.

If Ronaldo concedes that he cannot play every week, things might be different. But it won’t take place. Ronaldo complains about being ranked second.


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