Princess Charlotte looks just like a young Princess Diana in the Cambridges

Fans of the British Royal Family were surprised when they compared a baby photo of Princess Diana with the latest image of Princess Charlotte - the daughter of Prince William and Princess Kate. In the photo, Charlotte has a special smile and eyes like her grandmother.

Recently, Prince William posted a picture of himself and his daughter Charlotte expressing support for the British women’s football team. Charlotte is very beautiful, confident and looks quite mature for her age.

Immediately, fans of the British Royal Family gave Princess Charlotte countless compliments. In addition, when a netizen posted a photo of Princess Diana when she was almost the same age as Charlotte, many people were surprised to see that Charlotte had a smile and eyes that were very similar to her grandmother’s.

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Called “surprise” because so far, people still see that Charlotte looks like William’s father or the Queen of England. However, children change a lot, the more they grow up, the more they have their own unique features.


Charlotte has a smile and eyes like Princess Diana when she was a child. Photo: Kensington Palace; PA.

The photo of Princess Diana posted online by netizens is a photo taken in 1970, then the Princess was 9 years old, and this year Charlotte is 7 years old. Netizens in the UK wrote comments such as:

“Charlotte is starting to have many of the features of Princess Diana, look at their smiles and eyes.”

“I feel like Princess Charlotte has the face of Princess Diana and the aura of Princess Kate.”

“Charlotte is the perfect blend of Princess Diana, William and Kate. Her smile is exactly like Diana’s.”


Charlotte’s facial features also increasingly resembled her grandmother’s. Photo: Kensington Palace; Getty.

Fans of the British Royal Family commented that both Princess Diana and Princess Charlotte had steadfast eyes and a slightly shy, discreet smile.


All three generations: Princess Diana, Prince William and now Princess Charlotte all have very similar upturned eyes. Photo: Getty.

William – Kate’s family, including their children, are very fond of sports, as is Princess Diana. Even, William once revealed that Charlotte is a formidable “scorer” when playing football and may be a “football star” in the future.

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