Princess Diana’s 7 Most Beautiful Black Dresses, But With One Controversial Design

Although black dress is one of the taboos at the British Royal Family, Princess Diana is still extremely sophisticated and luxurious in seductive "black dress".

When she was alive or until now when she passed away for nearly 30 years Diana Princess Still an immortal fashion icon. The late Princess has always been the initiator and leader of all fashion trends, her elegant sophistication and classy fashion is what women all over the world have to learn from year to year. .

The late Princess Diana was also a person who “liked” to break Royal rules. Black dress is one of the taboo things in the Royal family, but despite all, Princess Diana still appeared with luxurious sexy black dresses. Famous for all time is Princess Diana’s “revenge dress”, which she wore in 1994 as a response to her unfaithful husband.

“Black Dress of Vengeance”: Princess Diana’s challenge to her unfaithful husband


“Revenge dress” is the nickname that the media used to call the body-hugging short black dress with a very sexy bust by Greek designer Christina Stambolian that Princess Diana wore in September. June 1994, while attending a party organized by Vanity Fair magazine in London.

The dress was worn on the same day that the Prince admitted to having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles while still married to Princess Diana. She “revenge” her cheating husband by appearing with the sexiest image ever, and that is the origin of the name “revenge dress”.


The black dress that pressed the first round accidentally was an “ominous omen” signaling a turbulent marriage

It is impossible not to mention this sexy cup dress created by designer Emanuels, Princess Diana was so infatuated that she defied the royal rules to wear this design. Although the dress had been worn by someone else before, she did not care much.


Princess Diana’s defiant black dress on her first public appearance as a British Royal Princess.


For the first launch event after her engagement (not even the wedding day) with Prince Charles, Princess Diana chose this bold dress. The design immediately went down in history, because never before had a new “wet-footed” character who joined the British Royal Family dared to wear such a bold sexy design.


Standing next to the elegant and luxurious Princess Grace Kelly, the sensuality of Princess Diana accidentally became an “omen” for married life in the royal family.

Princess Diana’s bare back black dress causes the most “eye pain” in the British Royal Family

Princess Diana’s black dress is sexy and seductive, but many members of the Royal Family do not like this dress. Many other strict dress codes are reserved for Royal events such as: “Hats with a diameter of 10cm or more are required. Skirts must not be short above the knee, strapless, off-the-shoulder skirts, camisoles or cords narrower than 2.5cm are prohibited“And this dress broke all those rules.


These are three of Princess Diana’s resounding black dress designs, all three of which are inadvertently related to the stormy marriage of this unlucky woman.

In addition, during Diana’s life when she was a Royal Princess or when she was divorced, she owned a collection of simple, elegant and beautiful black dress designs.


The off-the-shoulder black dress with fanciful velvet showed off Princess Diana’s perfect shoulder frame. The British royal family always has immutable dress codes, but Princess Diana still shows off her bare shoulders despite the surprise of the public, that’s why even as a guest at the premiere of Dangerous Liaisons, the red carpet That day was like a bright light before her appearance.


Compared to the dresses showing the figure of Princess Diana, the design of Bruce Oldfield’s V-neck dress is somewhat more discreet, but not so that she loses her sexy and luxurious charm. That year, Princess Diana had just turned 24 years old.


Instead of having to wear mysterious outfits due to the royal burden on her shoulders, in the 90s, Princess Diana clearly showed her personality through Versace’s outfits. Versace’s black dress is one of them.


Versace’s dress reflects the spirit and style of Princess Diana when she always wants to put aside strict rules to show her liberal, sexy and sophisticated.

Leaving the Royal family was when Princess Diana began to be free with fashion and live true to herself. She confidently expresses her ego in fashion and shows off her sexy figure in hot designs.


The black dress sparkling with starlight like a mysterious night from the fashion house Jacques Azagury thought it was discreet and elegant, but unexpectedly revealed the sexy and seductive breasts of a middle-aged woman.


The dress was worn by her in 1997, a year after her divorce from Prince Charles. That day was her 36th birthday, and Princess Diana was also a guest of honor at Chanel’s event.

Although black dress is one of the taboos at the British Royal Family, Princess Diana is still extremely sophisticated and luxurious in these glamorous “black dresses”.


Source: Vogue

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