Prior to facing Liverpool, Man Utd must overcome these five weaknesses

Manchester United recently suffered two humiliating losses, thus they must grow better if they are to defeat Liverpool successfully the next week

1. Goalkeeper position.

David De Gea’s inconsistency has continued since the friendly preseason campaign. It should be noted that Joel Ward’s goal against Crystal Palace in Australia was the result of a situation when he caught the ball. It served as something of a wake-up call for Man Utd’s starting goalie. However, nothing appears to have changed so far.


It is tough to think that a high-caliber goalkeeper who recently had a season that was largely fantastic and earns a big wage in the Premier League lost in a situation that wasn’t too challenging (Brentford’s first goal). His erratic playing style resulted in the second goal after erroneous passes.

2. Anti-cross.

When Lisandro Martinez’s height of 1m75 was viewed as a disadvantage when fighting in the English Premier League, people talked about him. And just when the supporters were fretting, the third goal in the encounter against Brentford came.


The Red Devils’ number 6 stood in the center of a forest of tall players during anti-ballooning or, more accurately, anti-fixing scenarios. Then Ben Mee demonstrated to Martinez the physical demands and importance of the national premier league.

3. The concord.

In their last two games, Manchester United have only managed one goal, and even that was an own goal by Alexis Mac Allister (Brighton). Their kicking technique hasn’t yet worked perfectly under the new coach Erik Ten Hag. The attack lacked imagination, the lines lacked cohesion, and the defense played sluggishly. All of these have caused general gaming inefficiencies.

4. The capacity to avoid pressing.

The Red Devils’ positions were thus readily shattered as the opposition pressed high due to a lack of cooperation and confidence. This innate vulnerability caused them to concede goals in both games against Brighton and Brentford: the opening goal against the Seagulls and the opening two goals against the Bees.


The Man Utd players appear to still find it difficult to develop the ball after 5m50. There was little more that could have been demanded of Harry Maguire, Martinez struggled to fit in, and Fred, Scott McTominay, and Christian Eriksen all committed careless errors.

5. Sensitive moments.

Man United’s weakness occurs within the first 40 minutes of the game. They have given up 6 goals in the last two rounds during this delicate time. That demonstrates how the Red Devils entered the contest without the required focus, and how their defense frequently suffered from a domino effect when goals were scored consecutively.


The two goals in the Brighton game were separated by 10 minutes (30 minutes and 39 minutes). The Brentford game was even quicker, with only 8 minutes (10 and 18 minutes) separating the first two goals and 5 minutes separating the final two (30 and 35).

When their opponent in the third round is their fierce rival Liverpool, the best fighting squad, Coach Ten Hag will likely have a lot of work to do to fix. Let’s see how the Dutch military commander does first.

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