Prior to the UEFA Super Cup, Real is currently at a severe disadvantage

The Real Madrid boss discussed Frankfurt's performance prior to their European Super Cup matchup.

As the two teams intensify their preparations for next week’s European Super Cup, Carlo Ancelotti claims Real Madrid has certain disadvantages compared to Frankfurt.

Although the Italian team will battle to win another championship, he said that he feels the German team is more physically ready.


Ancelotti said to UEFA, “We have a few more disadvantages than Eintracht, who start their season sooner, but we’ll play to win.”

“We don’t look back; we look forward. The successes from last year confirm our beliefs, but we must concentrate on the next games.”


Ancelotti anticipates Frankfurt to play similarly to how they did when they defeated Barcelona at the Camp Nou en route to winning the Europa League last year.

Because they weren’t one of the favorites, Eintracht accomplished something unique the previous season, he said.

They performed admirably, defeating Barcelona at Camp Nou by employing a counterattacking style of play while paying close attention to defense and making quick transitions. 

Real Madrid, on the other hand, was outstanding in their own way, staging a number of stunning comebacks on route to their Champions League victory.


Ancelotti remarked, “It’s a very recent memory and there was also a really particular connection between the fans and the stadium.

“We were able to make all of our comebacks at our stadium because of the encouragement from the spectators.

“After such victories [in the Champions League final], the happiness and pleasure you experience tend to linger, giving you the impression that no one should ever take your position.

And that provides very good incentive to keep winning.


Antonio Rudiger and Aurelien Tchouameni have joined Real Madrid, but Ancelotti noted that a number of important players have also left the team.

According to Ancelotti, “I think we have two players who are among the greatest in the world in their job.”

“The team’s physical and technical proficiency is first and foremost improved by their quality.

“The need to fit in with the group and a slight adjustment by the group are the following issues.

“The three players that departed, Marcelo, Isco, and Bale, made recent club history, and the whole Real Madrid team is appreciative of what they accomplished.

“We hope the newcomers can carry on the heroics of the departing”

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