Prominent athlete essentially says he will be traded to the Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers opened the 2023–24 season with a talented squad that piqued the interest of basketball fans everywhere. This is by far the finest lineup the franchise has had since winning the 2020 championship and it makes the Lakers one of the primary title challengers in the league.

However, after more than a week of play, it is evident that this squad is not ideal. The Western Conference is getting more and more competitive, therefore there are parts of the roster that may use some work.

Rоb Pelinka has shоwn he is willing tо make adjustments right up until the deadline. If there is an оppоrtunity tо better the purple and gоld, he will take it. Everything must make sense fоr the grоup as a whоle.

Fortunately, a top player who would be a great fit for the Lake Show has signed a new agent who has all but confirmed that he will be traded to Los Angeles this season.

For those who may not know, both LeBron James and Anthony Davis are represented by Klutch Sports. Since LeBron’s arrival to the Lakers, Klutch has exerted considerable control on team policy. As evidence, fans need just consider the many Klutch clients the team signed during the offseason of 2022.

The trading community should expect to see Malcolm Brogdon around. Portland has no real incentive to keep him for the rest of the year with only one more year under contract and is likely to seek to acquire something for him at the deadline.

The Blazers may do Brogdon and Klutch a favor with Rich Paul behind the scenes in the hopes of being rewarded in the future. Since Jerami Grant is a client of Klutch, if Portland ever wants to transfer him away to get out of his contract, Brogdon may have to do Grant a favor to help broker the deal.

Brogdon will be traded, and the Lakers would be wise to pursue him. While Max Christie has been on the roster consistently, Gabe Vincent has been a major letdown. Another terrific guard who can come off the bench and close games for Los Angeles would be a huge asset.

Considering Brogdon’s $22.5 million salary this year, acquiring him through a trade is a realistic possibility. The trade deadline may be met with a package containing D’Angelo Russell, Jalen Hood-Schifino, and draft capital.

The club might save money by trading for Vincent, JHS, and Taurean Prince instead of going in that path. The Lakers may go in a number of different paths to make a deal for Brogdon work.

And Brogdon, by signing with Klutch, may have just ruined the potential trade.