Proof That Blackpink Still Wants To Be Together After The End Of The Contract

Possessing a series of awards and high achievements, it is not difficult for Blackpink to become one of Korea’s influential groups.

However, at one point, after 2 years, Blackpink returned to the music track with the album Born Pink. This previously made many fans worried, whether Blackpink has lost interest in group activities. Since then, there have been many rumors that, in 2023, when the contract expires, the group will disband.

In June 2016, YG Company announced the group Blackpink to the public. Then, in August, they had their first product, Square One. Accordingly, in 2023, ie after 7 years as prescribed, the group’s contract will expire.

However, based on Blackpink’s newly announced schedule, many fans think that they still want to re-sign the contract and accompany each other.

This is evidenced by the great success of their international tour. After that, the management company also said that Blackpink will increase the number of their shows next year.

Specifically, the group will hold a total of 4 concerts in 2 Japanese cities next year, starting with Tokyo Dome on April 8 and 9, 2023 and ending with Kyocera Dome Osaka on June 3 and 4, 2023. .

Between that time, specifically on May 13, 2023, Blackpink will also meet Singapore fans on the 13th at the country’s National Stadium.

Blackpink officially expanded the world tour with a total of 18 shows in 11 cities in Asia. Their schedule extending through June (the month when the girls’ contracts expire) shows that Blackpink still wants to continue to stick together, without disbanding.

In addition, not long ago, the organizers of Britain’s largest music festival – BST Hyde Park confirmed that Blackpink would perform on July 2, 2023.

Meanwhile, the group will have to decide whether to renew the contract or not in June 2023 when returning first. But with the new schedule confirmed in July 2023, the extension period. Therefore, many fans hope that their idols will continue to work in groups with the management company.

Blackpink – The Only K-Pop Artist To Make Billboard’s Year-end List

Billboard has posted a list of the 100 best songs of 2022. In which, BLACKPINK is the only Korean artist to have the honor of making the top of this list.

Specifically, the title song Shut Down from the group’s Born Pink album was ranked at number 91 by Billboard. Talking about this song, Billboard commented, “BLACKPINK may have kicked off the second album with Pink Venom but This girl group takes their new era to the next level with a confidence no one else can do with Shut Down.”

Also in its comments, Billboard did not hesitate to call the 4 YG girls the best group in the world at the moment. BLACKPINK’s influence on the music industry is completely undisputed.

Not only Billboard, in the past week, BLACKPINK has also been honored by many major newspapers and media platforms such as Rolling Stone, TikTok, YouTube and Spotify thanks to the success of Born Pink album as well as two singles Pink Venom and Shut Down. .

Not stopping there, BLACKPINK also had the honor of appearing on the cover of TIME magazine with the title of Entertainer of the Year. BLACKPINK is also the first girl group in history to receive this prestigious title. As the culture gradually stratifies, only a few prominent musicians are popular with the public like Taylor Swift, Drake… then BLACKPINK is one of the rare names that successfully managed to win the attention of the public. TIME as well as a series of world-famous music critics and experts.