Proof That J-Hope Is Dating Irene Kim

Dating rumors involving BTS' J-Hope and Korea's top model Irene Kim recently surfaced after netizens discovered some suspicious things about the two.

On August 2, J-Hope shared a photo sitting on a couch with fellow member Jimin, Irene Kim, and the editor of W Korea.


A few days later, many posts about J-Hope and Irene Kim were posted on a popular online community as netizens questioned the relationship between the two. In particular, they also speculated that the two are dating due to the same items they use.


On August 5, a user Nate Pann made a post titled “Seriously, what’s going on with Irene and J-Hope?”. The post consists of 2 images, the first one shows Irene and the next one a member of BTS.


This netizen wrote, “Apart from the rings, even their poses are the same.

As can be seen in the photos, both J-Hope and Irene are wearing a ring of the same design and color.

Under the Nate Pann post, another netizen shared several pictures showing other similar items the two use, such as a teapot and a pair of black crocs sandals.


On August 6, another netizen took to Nate Pann to share another “proof” that J-Hope and Irene are dating.

Titled “I-HOPE (Irene + J-Hope)”, the post has 2 photos, one of the male idol and the other of a female model, indicating that the two are using cases. Same phone back.


In the comments section, a Nate Pann user pointed out that the two are also wearing the same hoodie. Here are some comments:

– “I have that phone case too. So I’m dating J-Hope too?”.

– “After V-Jen, I admit I-Hope”.”But she already has a boyfriend.”

– “Even yesterday at the airport. ARMYs were waiting for Jung Hoseok to come out but Irene randomly showed up and ARMYs were so silent.”

– “Whether they’re dating or not, I don’t know why they hung out together during his US solo schedule even until the moment they went to Korea so openly “.

– “There were discussions about this even a few years ago. There is too much evidence that their things overlap.”


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