Queen of tricks Taylor Swift: All succumb to her

Taylor Swift's name flooded the press again because of the lawsuit between the voice of "I knew you were trouble" and an announcer.

In the second half of 2017, the name Taylor Swift was suddenly overwhelmed by an event that originated in 2013. During an exchange within the framework of RedTour, the singer, born in 1989, accused an announcer named David Mueller – at the time. This guy who works for  KYGO  – groped her.

In September 2015, the new lawsuit was filed. David Mueller accused Taylor Swift of causing him to lose his job. And the female singer sued the opposite for the reason that this person groped her third round while taking pictures.

The case is gradually tense at the present time, between one side is David Mueller who is demanding a compensation of  3 million USD, while Taylor Swift only gives the corresponding figure of  1 USD.


Taylor Swift always knows how to make the public talk about her.

Blow up the media to return?

2017 was a special year for Taylor Swift. The female singer broke the two-year cycle of releasing an album for the first time, officially raising that number to three years or more. In addition, this is also a time for her to look back on a decade of activity, witnessing her journey from country star to pop princess.

She minimizes new product disclosures. No names or schedules were announced in advance. Everything goes as if Taylor Swift is enjoying life without worrying about the operation of the music industry.

But according to predictions from observers and close friend Ed Sheeran, it is likely that Taylor Swift will return by the end of this year. Page  Page Six  has just tapped the source, saying, “She doesn’t want to take advantage of the lawsuit to take advantage of the opportunity to promote her upcoming album.”

As a tacit statement, Taylor Swift is in the planning stages of a new product release. Three years is a reasonable time for the female singer to prolong the expectations of the audience and the media.

It’s hard to believe that such a serious lawsuit was handled by Taylor Swift in such an incredibly selfless way, contrary to her character. The singer used to try to prevent any illegal use of her name and image.

Because with Taylor Swift, what belongs to her is precious and must be valued. The groping of David Mueller would be an intolerable “crime” if any, when the victim is Taylor Swift, who owns insured legs worth  40 million USD.


Taylor Swift’s powerful buddies. Photo:  Getty.

Wonder Woman of Music

Since singing pop, Taylor Swift decided to pursue a feminist image. The singer formed a close friend group of famous girls to prove that friendship between women is what lasts Hollywood.

In 2014, Taylor Swift said after listening to Emma Watson’s speech: “I wish when I was 12 years old, I could also watch a video about feminism in such a profound, intellectual and perfect way. Because I understand more about this and then, in my adult years, I will proudly declare that I support feminism.”

So, to explain the  1 USD  in the lawsuit, Taylor Swift sees this as a fight for women who have been sexually assaulted, that everyone has the right to say “No” when others touch them. own person.

And of course, feminism is also one of the materials for Taylor Swift to build an empire in music. If cinema has a Wonder Woman that once dominated the box office in the summer, the music also features Taylor Swift with a call for women to become smarter, more sober when enjoying (and buying) her products.

One more reason to call Taylor Swift the Wonder Woman of the music industry is that this year, no female name has dominated the chart Billboard Hot 100. The balance of music is heavily tilted when the top 10 singles and the top 10 are mixed. the album only features Lana Del Rey as a female artist.

Therefore, with a return expected at the end of the year, Taylor Swift is likely to bring in a new goal for women like Adele did in 2016. After the milestone  1989, Taylor Swift’s success has been on par with that of Adele. Beyoncé, and temporarily ranks above many contemporaries such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rihanna in terms of album sales and Grammy awards won.


People who used to quarrel with Taylor Swift. Photo:  Elle.

Never been overthrown

There was a review that Taylor Swift’s career was just the embodiment of a trick. More than a year ago, husband and wife Kanye West and Kim Kardashian successfully “unmasked” Taylor Swift, leading to the nickname “snake” that people ascribed to her.

Those who hate the singer are gloating when they see her struggling in crisis. But in fact, Taylor Swift at that time was still at the top, different from the TV jokes that Kim Kardashian used to be famous.

In art, Taylor Swift is a respected name. She won 257 awards out of a total of 517 nominations and three times in a row owns album sales of more than one million copies in the first week.

In the middle of this year, Taylor Swift was certified by the RIAA of America for the milestone of 100 million records and 10 million records 1989 sold. And for her music, the music streaming app Spotify has to pay  21 million USD  in royalties to the artists.

Or like Katy Perry, who publicly confronted Taylor Swift twice, also had to apologize in June. “I love and wish the best for her, a talented artist” , Katy Perry told  The Thrive Global Podcast.


Calvin Harris and Katy Perry are two typical cases of “don’t touch” Taylor Swift. Photo:  Billboard.

The singer, born in 1989, knows how to build her empire through worthy friends like Ed Sheeran, Lorde, Kendrick Lamar and powerful legs like Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, Martha Hunt, Lily Aldridge.

The reason why public opinion began to call Taylor Swift a new generation pop princess is because in 2015, in an interview with  Network Nines, Madonna herself invited her into this noble ranks.

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