Rapper Jeezy purchases a multimillion-dollar seaside villa in Algarve, Portugal, indulging his passion for fishing

Jeezy purchases a multimillion-dollar seaside villa in Algarve, Portugal







Being at home feels good. Now Jeezy has not one but two homes in Atlanta that he can call his own.

Today (June 8), TMZ reported that the “Church in These Streets” rapper and Atlanta native had just closed on a new home in the city’s downtown area. The crib’s position and other features make the new house, which costs $685,750, a good deal. Even though Jeezy’s new place wasn’t cheap, it had some nice features that you wouldn’t normally find in an Atlanta apartment.

The new place is a two-story, three-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom foreclosed home that has been fixed up and has a lift for when the rap star wants to be extra lazy. Jeezy spent a cool $1.5 million on a home in Johns Creek, Ga., which is about 40 minutes outside of Atlanta. Jeezy can now enjoy life in both the city and the country.

The ATL soldier loves the finer things in life, but he never forgets about the problems America is facing. Jeezy’s most recent album, Church in These Streets, came out in November of last year. On it, he talked about racism, police abuse, and economic unrest. This highly charged album wasn’t the first time Jeezy recorded his thoughts about the world. Jeezy’s 2008 song “My President Is Black” was a praise of Barack Obama becoming president. Jeezy has also publicly backed people who are fιgнтιиg for the Black Lives Matter movement. In particular, he has backed the protests at the University of Missouri.