Rapper Rema relaxes in Africa’s most expensive villa after winning first Billboard Afrobeats award

Rapper Rema spends lot of time resting inside most expensive villa in Africa after winning first Billboard Afrobeats award

Rising Afrobeat star Rema is enjoying a well-earned rest in what is reportedly Africa’s most costly home while basking in the victory light. After winning his first Billboard Afrobeats award, the young singer made history, and to celebrate and relax, he’s opted for the height of luxury.



Rema, whose real name is Divine Ikubor, has been staying for extended periods of time at a luxury villa renowned for its amazing views, opulent amenities, and unparalleled privacy, according to people close to the artist. Situated in [Location], this lavish retreat has evolved into the rapper’s go-to place for solace and introspection after he was acknowledged for his contributions to the Afrobeat movement worldwide.


Rema’s historic victory at the Billboard Afrobeats Awards has cemented his standing as a major player in the music business. He has definitely earned a place in the annals of Afrobeats history with this honor, which is a testament to his talent and effect on the genre.



Images that have been making the rounds on social media show Rema living the high life, surrounded by the expansive grounds and sumptuous furnishings of the mansion. The rapper, who is renowned for his distinct look and sound that blurs boundaries between genres, has spent no money to make sure that his getaway is a worthy commemoration of his accomplishments.


Rema will have the ideal getaway from the rigors of his quickly advancing profession at this home, which is said to have everything from a state-of-the-art spa to a private theater. However, specifics regarding the property’s amenities are still under wraps.


It’s obvious that Rema is using this time to refuel and enjoy the results of his effort, as supporters eagerly anticipate his comeback to the limelight. Rema’s retreat is definitely a part of his journey that will be remembered as a monument to both his musical prowess and his commitment to the finer things in life, with the most costly villa in Africa serving as his backdrop. Keep checking back for updates on Rema’s travels following his Billboard debut as he makes more waves in the music industry.