Rapper Saweetie requested his mother’s approval before purchasing a $10M property in a prime area

Rapper Saweetie asked his mother’s permission to buy $10,000,000 mansion with super nice location

New real estate brokers join The Oppenheim Group in Selling Sunset season 6, and they bring some prestigious clientele to the Netflix series. During the 2023 performance, Grammy-nominated musician Saweetie makes her Selling Sunset debut.



In episode 9, a new Oppenheim Group realtor was prepared to show the Best Friend and My Type rapper around a gorgeous residence as she was looking for a new house in season 6.

Bre Tiesi, a Selling Sunset newcomer, bragged about her celebrity clientele when she first appeared on Netflix, and it turns out that she wasn’t lying when she claimed that she regularly displays homes to prominent individuals.

29-year-old rapper and musician Saweetie has previously appeared on a few TV programs. She had cameos on the television shows Respectfully Justin, Wild ‘n Out, and Cooking with Paris.

She currently appears on Netflix’s Selling Sunset with other well-known clients of Bre’s, like as Telli Swift, the wife of Deontay Wilder.

After Saweetie and Bre “met at a party years ago,” Bre said, “we ended up just clicking… we were both with some people of status.”Bre showed Saweetie around the 7,401-square-foot, around $9 million-worth house, which features five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

Rapper Tap In claimed that the mansion had the best shower she had ever been in. “I’m seeing photo shoots everywhere,” she said as she meandered through the location.

When Bre showed her the house, Saweetie became very interested in it. but clarified that she would need her mother’s OK before making an offer.