Real Madrid accused of breaking the law while preparing for the match against Man City

Real Madrid will enter the match against Man City to compete for a ticket to the Champions League final. After drawing 1-1 in the first leg of the semi-final at home, Los Blancos will be forced to win the match at the Etihad here to have a chance to defend the European crown.

Real Madrid must win on Man City’s field to have any hope of defending the Champions League title

While only a few hours until the match will start, Real Madrid was recently sᴜddenly accused of breɑking the law by a La Liga team. Specifically, Getafe is the team that has submitted a complaint to the organizers of the number 1 Spanish tournament to denounce the vιolation of Los Blancos.

Marca reported, Getafe accused Real Madrid of making ιllegal substitutions in the match between the two teams last weekend – where Los Blancos won 1-0. It was in the 84th minute, when Alvaro Odriozola was registered in place of Marco Asensio. But then the person who took a break was Eduardo Camavinga, the player who had just suffered an injury in the match.

According to Getafe, Madrid broke the law because when the substitution was made, Odriozola had already run into the field, so Marco Asensio was forced to leave the field to make way and there was no way Real could choose to let Camavinga leave. It was also the last change that Los Blancos used, so there was no chance for them to withdraw the French player.

Substitution situation was accused of violating Real Madrid’s rules in the match against Getafe last weekend. Asensio was initially withdrawn but ended up staying on the pitch to give Camavinga the break

According to the rules, a substitution is considered complete when a substitute enters the field of play, and the player being substituted will not be allowed to participate in the match again, except in cases where unlimited substitutions are allowed.

According to Football Espana, La Liga has forwarded the complaint to Real Madrid and they have three days to respond. If the Competition Committee rules that the substitution is invalid, the club will be penalized for a 0-3 loss against Getafe and fined 6,000-9,000 euros.

In that case, Real would drop to third place in La Liga. Not too important, but with Getafe it’s a different story.

Because they are in the relegation group and are 1 point away from the safe position while the tournament has 4 rounds left. Therefore, it is understandable that Getafe insists on making a complaint. The purpose is only to salvage scores to try to avoid relegation.