Real Madrid might run into a personnel shortage before the new season

According to the club president, the Egyptian team is expected to have a significant growth in membership and will be able to outspend their rivals.

According to president Mortada Mansour, Egyptian club Zamalek has grown to be the wealthiest team in the nation and will eventually be able to attract players from Real Madrid. The leader of Zamalek revealed information on the club’s new branch, which would be built in the city of 6th of October, including a brand-new stadium for the team.

Mansour maintains that his side will have more money to spend than any of their competitors thanks to the membership money the new branch would bring in, but he cautioned against getting into a heated argument with Al-Ahly. 


What did Mortada Mansour say on purchasing Real Madrid players?

Mansour, who took back control of the Egyptian team in 2021 for his sixth term as president, maintains that they would greatly boost their financial strength in response to an inflow of new players.


He told reporters, “We will be the wealthiest team in Egypt, and we are able to sign any player, even if he is from Real Madrid.

Mansour cautions against being angry with Al-Ahly

Mansour criticized individuals who are inciting animosity between Zamalek and rival Al-Ahly.


While Al-Ahly received a plot from the government, Zamalek’s request for a new plot of land in New Cairo was denied. This raised fears that there would be some conflict between the fans of the two teams.

“We requested the Prime Minister to get a plot of land in New Cairo, but regrettably we were unsuccessful, in contrast to what occurred with Al-Ahly, who was granted a plot of land to open a new club branch. In the end, this is the official position, and we respect it,” he continued.


It is unnecessary for some to strive to create discord between the populace and institutions.

“I appeal to Al-Ahly supporters to pay attention to current events and efforts at sedition inside the nation. The most important thing for us is Egypt, not Zamalek, Al-Ahly, Mortada Mansour, or Al-Khatib; it is our nation.”

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