Real Madrid now regret after say goodbye ‘Golden Wɑrrior’ in a rush and even for a lowest fee

In the offices of Santiago Bernabeu, there is a massive amount of planning going on for the upcoming summer transfer window. The club believes that there is an immediate need for younger legs in various different categories, particularly the number 9 position and the midfield. The fullbacks are one example of such a department.

As a result, a great deal of discussion has centered on Real Madrid’s decision to release players such as Theo Hernandez and Achraf Hakimi. A few years ago, both players were employed by the club but left after being informed that they would not be able to advance their careers in Madrid. They have improved to the point that they are now considered some of the top players in the world at their position.

ABC (with attribution to MadridXtra) reports that the reasons the club released the youthful talents have been revealed. According to a publication in Spain, Real Madrid was allegedly unconvinced by Theo’s progress at the club and believed that it would be better to sign Mendy and maintain Marcelo rather than continue to play with Theo.

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Now, the management has admitted that the sale of his property was rushed and completed at a reduced price. Since he joined AC Milan, his market value has increased by a factor of four, which means that it is highly improbable that the Spanish giants will try to sign him again.

Regarding Hakimi, he was sent away because Daniel Carvajal had established himself as an unchallengeable starter, which left no place for the younger player to contribute. The decision was made as a result of the insufficient amount of playing time, in addition to the challenging financial position during COVID.

Both Carvajal and Lucas Vazquez are now serving as the club’s primary options to cover the base position of right back. However, both players have crossed the threshold of 30 and will struggle to maintain their level in the not too distant future.

The scenario at left back is not a pleasant one either, with Ferland Mendy consistently turning in performances that are not convincing and David Alaba unwilling to play in that position.

Therefore, the decision that the club made to part ways with the prodigies may come back to haunt it in the years to come. At this time, Los Blancos have their sights set on Alphonso Davies of Bayern Munich as a potential signing for the left side of their defense. On the right side, candidates such as Pedro Porro and Malo Gusto are being considered for the role.

With just a ‘simple trick’, Real Madrid easily beat Liverpool to sign England’s ‘new Messiah’

Midfielder Jude Bellingham, who has been linked to Liverpool, has indicated that he would be willing to transfer to Real Madrid.

According to Spanish football pundit Guillem Balague, who was speaking to ITV (h/t Liverpool Echo), Liverpool target Jude Bellingham is ready for a move to Real Madrid. Bellingham is reportedly interested in playing for Real Madrid. According to reports, Bellingham is considering trying out for a spot at Real Madrid.

Since transferring to Borussia Dortmund, Bellingham’s popularity has exploded in a way that can only be characterized as astonishing. This rise in popularity can be attributed to Bellingham’s new home. The fact that the midfielder was able to have a substantial impact on England’s performance in the FIFA World Cup was the cherry on top of the cake.

Many people feel that the player will leave Borussia Dortmund at the end of the season and that he will sign with one of the many major clubs in Europe who are interested in signing him. This is a theory that is supported by the fact that several people have this belief.

As Liverpool works to rejuvenate an aging midfield, Bellingham has emerged as one of the club’s top priorities as it looks to add players to the position. However, if they are unable to deliver football in the UEFA Champions League, they will have a difficult time convincing him to join their team. This would be an especially difficult issue for them.

Now, according to Balague, Real Madrid have taken the lead over Liverpool in the competition to sign the player because the player favors the idea of moving to the sunny capital of Spain rather than the chilly nights on Merseyside. This has caused Real Madrid to take the lead over Liverpool in the competition to sign the player.

“It shouldn’t come as much of a revelation that [Real] are the favorites. It is vital that Borussia Dortmund have a conversation with the player as well as the player’s father, who is the key to finding a solution to this situation. The player’s father possesses the key to finding a solution.

They have always paid careful regard to the setting in which he will be placed, as well as the setting in which he will be placed after that. It is about time that he signed with Real Madrid. Real Madrid is getting ready to greet him when he arrives.

It was one of the primary reasons why Jurgen Klopp and the rest of the Liverpool squad did not pursue any other midfield targets during this summer’s transfer window and instead settled on acquiring Arthur Melo on loan from Juventus, so this news would be a devastating blow to both Klopp and the rest of the Liverpool squad.

It would also mark the second time that Real Madrid has defeated Liverpool (not including the final of the Champions League) in the process of securing the signature of one of the most highly sought after assets in European football, following the signing of Aurien Tchoumeni by Real Madrid in the summer.

At Anfield, where the Reds play their home matches, Klopp hoped to convince Tchouameni to join the club. At the FIFA World Cup, Tchouameni had a breakout performance for France, but Madrid came knocking and stole his thunder.

Because of this, we need to be aware of the interest that Real Madrid are showing in Bellingham and do everything in our power to try to convince the player to move to England rather than accept a move to one of the great clubs in Spain. Real Madrid are showing interest in Bellingham because Real Madrid are interested in Bellingham.

The second half of the season will be of the biggest importance since, as was mentioned before, one of the key concerns will be whether or not we are able to participate in the Champions League.