Real Madrid resembled a maze with no way out for the ‘golden kid’ of Spain

No minutes, no offer of an extension, and no unambiguous resignation from Real Madrid.

In the first two games of Real Madrid’s season, Marco Asensio has been kept out of the limelight as much as possible, and despite Carlo Ancelotti using all five substitutes and 19 players in total, he hasn’t even played a minute, much less started either game.

He may see his significance further eroded this season after getting used to spending more time on the bench than in the starting XI in 2021–2022.


He finished the previous season in 15th place among Real Madrid players with the most minutes played, clocking 2,110. His record of completing 12 goals, all of which he had never done before, increased his self-confidence. 

He didn’t warm up for the UEFA Super Cup in Helsinki since he was no longer a factor in the event where he made his debut in 2016 with an impressive goal.


In Finland, Ancelotti stated his plan to rotate more, which may have been consoling, but the reality that he has dropped lower down the hierarchy has inflicted further blow.

For Almeria, five new players were added, although Asensio was not one of them.

Ancelotti even stated in the lead-up to that game, in a statement that has deeper significance than initially anticipated, “If something changes in the brains of Asensio and Ceballos between now and August 31 then we will adjust.”

While Asensio has lost ground to Eden Hazard in the rotation, Ceballos has seen his position within the team expand. 

Asensio: From a lack of World Cup invitations with Spain

Asensio and Ceballos’ contracts with Real Madrid expire in 2023, although neither player has received a contract extension offer from the club.


The problem for the attacker is that he anticipated receiving more lucrative offers than those presented to him through Jorge Mendes, his new agent, both in terms of financial compensation and sports endeavors.

In the backdrop, there is also the problem of the World Cup in Qatar. Asensio has always placed a high focus on it, but it has become much more crucial since Luis Enrique called him up in June.

However, his chances of making the team are getting slimmer under this circumstance.


Given that Ancelotti lacks rigid management ideas, Asensio may see some playing time if he keeps up the good job.

In Almeria, Ancelotti said, “He is vital as long as he is a Real Madrid player.” Asensio’s future does, however, appear gloomy.

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