Real Madrid would be willing to spend massive money on bringing Liverpool star to Spain

That’s according to Peterborough United chairman, and Liverpool fan, Darragh MacAnthony. Speaking on his The Hard Truth podcast, MacAnthony made the claim whilst assessing England’s squad ahead of the World Cup.

“That England team could be as good as any team. Forget about the deficiencies at the back,” the Irishman said. “They can still name a John Stones, who is a £60 million player, Harry Maguire, forget the form, he’s an £80 million player. Trent Alexander-Arnold – Real Madrid would pay £150 million for him tomorrow.

“The only area I’m not confident is about is left-back, but you could play Trippier over there and he’s playing great for Newcastle.”

They’d have to double it before Liverpool even thought about coming to the table.

Alexander-Arnold going nowhere

Although MacAnthony’s thought is a hypothetical one, it’s interesting to dig deeper into it.

Of course, there’s no suggestion that Liverpool are looking to part ways with Trent. Right now, it could be assumed that the 24-year-old is gearing up to be a one-club man.

Certainly, it’s hard to see a scenario where the boyhood Reds fan would be looking to leave his hometown.

But, you never know in football. If Liverpool drop off from the heights they’ve recently been reaching, then maybe Alexander-Arnold would get itchy feet.

In which case, surely the only option would be a move abroad.

Liverpool players have ‘betrayed’ the fanbase before by joining high-profile rivals in England, sure. But with a local lad at the top of his game, it would be a whole new kettle of fish.

Steven Gerrard almost did it, and his relationship with his devoted supporters took some repairing. Thankfully, he was able to mend the hurt he caused Reds fans by almost joining Chelsea. Had he jumped ship in 2005 though, he’d have struggled to make it back to the city without a security escort.

Hopefully Trent doesn’t entertain a similar exit. But he shouldn’t be kept prisoner if he ever did want to go either. If that situation ever became a reality, you could bet that the big boys from across the continent would be willing and ready to break the bank on him. He’s just that good.