Real troubles ahead of the new season as a result of Mbappe case

Real Madrid are still on the way to find a backup striker for Karim Benzema

During the summer transfer window, Real Madrid have been in contact with many different strikers. However, most of them are poor quality and little known names. Therefore, “White Vulture” cannot promote the buying and selling process quickly.

In fact, coach Ancelotti once shared Real Madrid will close the transfer and do not need to buy any more players. However, the Italian military leader had to change his mind after the tour in the US. Testing Hazard in the false “9” position may not be as expected. In the friendly against Barcelona, we saw Real Madrid find it very difficult to attack without Benzema. 


Although there aren’t many candidates for the position of striker, Real Madrid is still taking its time and isn’t in a rush to make a purchase. While the next season is under progress, they will be casting. The Los Blancos leadership will also search for a reputable name in the 2022 World Cup.

It is clear why Real Madrid must exercise caution when choosing forwards. The goal of “White Vulture” is to bring back the player who can succeed Karim Benzema as a superstar. The shadow cast by “Number 9” is presently too great for other hitters to escape. In contrast to the French striker, there are many other players that are unable to fill this position. 


Mariano Diaz, Luka Jovic and Borja Mayoral will have more playing time this season when leaving Real Madrid. Luka Jovic and Borja Mayoral have joined another team, who will be able to play more at the right club for their level. As for “number 24”, the club wants him to move to another club, but the Spaniard has no intention of leaving.

With Karim Benzema, his performance is unquestionable. However, Real Madrid are aware that they will have to split the French striker’s minutes from now on to maximize his ability to use this player.


In addition, Real Madrid needs to look at a scenario without Benzema. He is 34 years old this year and his future in Los Blancos is unpredictable. Not to mention actual cases such as injuries, coach Ancelotti will have a headache to come up with a replacement for “Number 9”.

Real Madrid is looking for a long-term answer for the striker issue. As a result, they have a keen interest in emerging talent. Enrique Herrero was acquired by the “White Vulture” earlier this year from Eintracht Frankfurt. This striker, who used to play for Villarreal, is just 17 years old. He is regarded as the best young player on the Spanish national team. Chelsea and Barcelona had to outbid Los Blancos for the player’s services.


Iker Bravo, a 17-year-old Spanish striker who is now playing in Germany, has caught Real Madrid’s attention as well. The player leaves La Masia after more than ten years and joins Bayer Leverkusen in 2021, although he could soon return to La Liga.


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