Reasons Why Kardashians Fans Think Kendall Is ‘Out Of Touch’

The most recent episode of The Kardashians focused heavily on Kendall Jenner and her new business ventures, and fans are now saying that she doesn’t understand regular people. While Kendall’s sisters and mother lavished praise on her throughout the show, she has once again enraged fans, with some accusing her of being out of touch. This is despite producers’ best efforts to make Kendall appear more grounded. Viewers appear to be seeing through the show.

One Night in Miami, episode 5 of The Kardashians season 2, followed Kendall as she promoted her 818 tequila brand. Kendall was also scheduled to promote a new Tao club in Las Vegas, and she invited Kylie Jenner to accompany her because she was nervous about the public event. Kendall re.vealed in her confessional that she feels anxious while attending events because of the amount of ha.te she receives online on a daily basis. While many fans sympathized with Kendall, she soon offended fans again, including a TikTok user named Grace Lamb.

Kendall Puts Her Foot Into Her Mouth

Kendall received criticism this time for her attitude toward a marketing event in Las Vegas. Kendall flew to Si.n City on “Kylie Air” with friend Hailey Bieber and her team after Kylie canceled the trip to focus on her new baby. Kendall was shown in her confessional, complaining about the event, while partying with Brody Jenner and Scott Disick at a pool club surrounded by 818 tequila. Kendall stated that she does not enjoy going to bars or clubs, preferring to spend her time at a farm in the country, surrounded by animals. Fans were outraged once more, believing Kendall was unaware of the perks of her position.

Following the episode, The Kardashians fan Grace posted a TikTok explaining why her comments irritate viewers. As Grace pointed out, if Kendall dislikes nightclub events, she should not have created a tequila brand that requires appearances at such events, where she is paid exorbitant sums of mo.ney to show her face. Kendall could also own a farm in a rural area if that was truly her dream, given her success and assets. Grace’s video has received over 1.3 million views and over 3,000 comments, with show fans agreeing with the TikToker. “They say it’s so stre.ssful they’d rather be here and there,” one fan named Maureen said of the video. It’s like, ok…go… You have enough mo.ney to never work again, as if I don’t get it lol.”

Many of them were irritated by the episode’s focus on Kendall for the majority of the time, comparing her spots to “ air” time. Jisoo stan account on Twitter agreed, extending the dig to Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner by saying they need to “develop personalities” to make the show more interesting.

While ha.ting Kendall is nothing new, and it certainly occurs frequently, many fans are frustrated that Kendall refuses to learn from her mistakes. Fans want the business owner to recognize her position of wealth and opportunity. She can still complain about her work engagements, as many people do. There are many more episodes of The Kardashians to come, and fans are hoping that the family will return to being more relatable.