Refusing fan gifts at the airport, BLACKPINK Rosé’s actions make criticals

Fans constantly expressed concern about the large crowds waiting to greet K-Pop idols at the airport. Many idols have also spoken out about how dangerous it is.

“If people had respected [personal] space, this wouldn’t have happened… be careful. Everyone can get sick. I mean, not just us, but other artists as well. So hopefully it will be fixed. But besides that I’m fine, I’m perfectly fine so don’t worry about it.” — Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | @realstraykids/Instagram 

NCT  ‘s  Jaehyun  even thanked fans for being respectful when greeting NCT at the airport.

Recently,  BLACKPINK flew to London to continue the BORN PINK  world tour  . Fans are very excited to meet their idols and greet them at the airport.





When moving from the airport to the car,  Rosé  had to be carefully guided by security forces when fans surrounded her.

Although Rosé is often excited to receive gifts, letters from fans, even on behalf of the members…

She was unable to do so this time due to the crowd rushing towards her.

Crowds of fans flocked around, some gave Rosé gifts…

At this time, the female idol manager pushed the gift aside

However, even though she did not receive the gift, Rosé still insisted on sending an apology to the fans.

Rosé said “I’m sorry” to the fan before getting in the car.

Fans appreciate Rosé’s kindness as she didn’t need to apologize in the first place.

– “She is so sweet”

– “Rosé’s voice when saying “I’m sorry” to a soft fan”

– “She worries about her fans’ feelings”

– “So sweet…Rosé-ah”

Anyway, fans still disagree that many people “invade” the space of idols.

– “If people at the airport weren’t rushing and invading their space, she would definitely socialize with them. Why is everyone rushing in like that?”

Rosé even waved to her fans from inside the car.

It’s certain that she really cares about her fans.