Regardless of Liverpool, Man Ut gave green light to sign historic contract for Maguire’s ‘Heir’

Both Man Utd and Liverpool now have a clear path to bringing a top player from Serie A to England. This is a very positive double update.

You don’t have to look any further than Napoli to find the best players in Serie A. The team led by Luciano Spalletti is 19 points ahead of second-placed Lazio and has easily made it to the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Khvicha Kvaratskhelia and Victor Osimhen have been nothing but amazing in the last third. Kim Min-jae, a South Korean international, has been the best player in the back.

Last summer, the 26-year-old player was bought for £15 million from Fenerbahce. But that smart business move has quickly turned out to be a steal, and Napoli could soon pay the price for Kim playing so well.

In fact, Manchester United, Liverpool, and Tottenham are all interested in Kim. Before a summer move, Liverpool was even said to be “prepared to meet” the center back’s release clause.

Fabrizio Romano recently said that Kim’s clause is set at “a bit less than 50 million euros,” which is about £44 million.

The clause can be used during a short time period that starts on July 1. Romano mentioned Man Utd by name in his update, but he did not say anything about Liverpool.

It is thought that Napoli wants to get Kim to sign a new deal. If they did this, they could either make the clause more valuable or get rid of it completely.

So long as that bridge isn’t crossed, Napoli is still open to a raid for a price that already seems low for a world-class defender.

Today’s Euro Paper Talk said that Napoli seems to be getting more interested in making money off of Kim.

Their best case scenario would be for Kim to sign a new contract that changes or gets rid of the clause. This would let them get a much higher fee when the inevitable bidding wаr happens.

Now, a new report from Sky Sports has given the English suitors a second helpful boost.

Kylian Mbappe to Man Utd gets over a big hurdle, and Liverpool are even happier after an amazing two-transfer development.

Clearing the way for Kim Min-jaeSky says that PSG, which was also interested in Kim, is no longer in the running.

Since PSG could pay sky-high salaries, they could have been a big tҺreat to the English teams.

Officials at the French giant, on the other hand, are said to have “distanced themselves” from the rᴜmors that link them to Kim.

PSG has other things going on this summer, so Man Utd, Liverpool, or Spurs can now move in. In the Sky update, all three English teams are mentioned by name.

Romano said that Kim’s release clause was worth about €50 million, but Sky says it’s actually worth €70 million.

Some people have said that Kim’s clause is different depending on where the club is that bids on him. In fact, the Daily Mail says that “it is now thought that the clause depends on who the South Korean would join.”

The outlet then says that English suitors will be able to pay the lowest price in the range.

The reasoning behind this is that Napoli will have put a higher price on Kim’s clause for other Italian teams, like Juventus or Inter Milan, so that they won’t be able to help a rιval if they try to sign him.