Remember times when BLACKPINK & BLINKS were оррrеꜱꜱеd, suddenly being ‘interruptions’ during performances

In most cases, the reason given by the organizers to explain the act of interrupting the idol's performance could not convince the fans.

K-pop is a brutal industry with extreme levels of rejection, and surviving in such an environment is definitely not an easy thing for most idols. Many times, fans have had to shed tears when witnessing the scenes of unpopular idols being oppressed, trampled on and ignored in various situations.

And things only really change when they prove their worth with their talents, achievements and records enough for people in the industry to realize they need to be valued and treated better.


In fact, many of today’s most popular Kpop stars were also victims of unfair and disrespectful treatment by music programs at some point. And this disrespect is, in part, reflected in the way broadcasters or organizers of concerts and music festivals abruptly interrupt their performances, asking them to come down to the stage while not finishing the song.

Of course, there are also some understandable exceptions when the station is forced to cut music for the safety of the artist and the audience. But in most other situations, the actions (and possibly subsequent explanations) of those involved only make fans more indignant when they learn the real reason.

5.A Pink

Although  is one of the oldest surviving girl groups in the current Kpop industry,  A Pink  has been treated unfairly many times on entertainment shows and music shows. One of such times was when their  stage “Eung Eung” at “KBS Song Festival 2019” was  abruptly cut  while the group was still performing midway through.

Also before performing, A Pink was also not scheduled for rehearsals and their waiting room didn’t even have heating. After that event, the members themselves   expressed their disappointment on SNS, making fans even more angry when they learned what their idols had to go through.

4.Kim Jae Hwan

The performance of Kim Jae Hwan  at “MBC Gayo Daejejeon 2019” was not only cut abruptly but what made the fans most annoyed was that the male idol had to bow his head to apologize for this situation even though he was just a victims, while MC Jang Sung Kyu joked too much by calling this the “charm” of live shows.

Although Jang Sung Kyu later apologized for his heartless comment, that could not make Kim Jae Hwan’s fans feel any better.


It’s not always the one who interrupts the idol’s performance, the broadcaster or the organizer. In some cases, fans and spectators can also become factors that prevent idols from completing their stages.

When  GOT7  performed “Hard Carry” at “SGC (Seoul Girls Collection) 2017 SUPER LIVE IN SEOUL”, the members were very worried about the safety of  fans in the situation where many people were constantly jostling.

This forced the staff to pause the music to control the situation before allowing GOT7 to continue performing. After a while, Youngjae came out to ask the audience to step back a bit.


One of the most infuriating “wave-cutting” cases in Kpop history must be mentioned when “BTS” was suddenly “removed” from the line-up of the artists participating in the performance at “Busan One Asia Festival 2016”, but only to those who watched the show live on television.

At that time, the organizers announced that BTS would not be able to appear as originally scheduled for a few objective reasons. However, in fact, the Big Hit boygroup still appeared to perform at the end of the event and received more enthusiastic cheers than ever from ARMYs. However, that performance of BTS was never broadcast so that TV viewers could feel their enthusiasm.


During the performance “Forever Young” at the event “Lotte Duty-Free Family Festival 2018”, BLACKPINK  was faced with an unexpected situation when a staff member ran to the front of the stage, signaling to stop the music and  instructing. for members to withdraw backstage.

BLACKPINK was later unable to return to the stage to complete their unfinished performance because Jennie had other schedules. It was revealed that BLACKPINK’s performance was interrupted due to the safety issues of the event that day.

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