Remove doubts with girlfriend, Ronaldo picks up a $ 5m supercar

Cristiano Ronaldo continued to show his superiority when he was about to pick up a Bugatti Bolide supercar priced at $ 5 million, right after dissolving rᴜmors of conflιct with his girlfriend.

All the rᴜmors, all the noise about Cristiano Ronaldo’s conflιct with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez were personally suppressed by Ronaldo when he released a special photo, showing the passionate affection between the two on social networks.

After suppressing the above rᴜmors, it was Ronaldo who showed his boldness when ordering the Bugatti Bolide supercar with a unbelievable price of up to 5m USD.

Since becoming a VIP customer of Bugatti, Ronaldo has bought all the models launched by the French luxury car brand.

So it will come as no sᴜrprise to see Ronaldo become one of the owners of the world’s only batch of 40 Bugatti Bolide cars that Bugatti will begin delivering to its customers in 2024.

Bugatti Bolide supercar is about to be handed over to Ronaldo

It took Bugatti nearly 3 years to design as well as complete the production process of a complete Bugatti Bolide. The carbon fiber monocoque body will give the Bugatti Bolide outstanding lightweight advantages.

With improvements in aerodynamics, the cooling system of the Bugatti Bolide will allow it to increase its maximum performance. Bugatti Bolide uses ceramic brake discs covered with a special carbon layer. This type of brake requires a minimum temperature level for them to function correctly.

Bugatti Bolide is equipped with an 8.0-liter W16 engine, but the power is reduced from 1,850 hp to 1,600 hp and 1,600 Nm of torque.

While some Bugattis weigh nearly 2 tons, the Bolide weighs only 1,450 kg, almost as much as a midsize sedan. With a capacity of 1,600 horsepower, Bugatti Bolide can “fly” at a speed of 380 km / h.

In French, Bolide means racing car. And according to Bugatti representatives, this model can completely compete with any Formula 1 car.