Revealing Elon Musk’s ‘below poverty’ life: Spend only 1 USD/day

"I think I can stay in a mediocre apartment with a single computer and not worry about starving to death," Musk said.

In a 2015 interview on the Startalk podcast, Elon Musk made statements that surprised the public and the media, that during his time at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, the billionaire The richest man on this planet used to spend only 1 USD/day.

“My living needs at that time were quite low. I thought I could stay in a mediocre apartment with a single computer and not worry about starving to death.”


Musk said that when he was young, he was only interested in things that were supposed to be the future of humanity, such as electric cars, solar energy and sustainable consumption. Therefore, right after moving to Canada, Musk sought to save money as much as possible.

“You should buy large quantities of food at the supermarket, because it will be cheaper, although after a while, it is possible that the sausages and oranges will make you sick. Noodles and green chili are also things that I often buy.”


So, Musk decided to only spend up to 30 USD/month on food. “I just lived. Also, everything looks pretty good,” Musk confided.

However, Musk also shared with Business Insider that he does not recommend anyone to apply this way of spending too much because it only seemed appropriate many years ago.

“I don’t recommend anyone to live on just $1 a day. That’s not very fun. Furthermore, I’ve been doing this since the 1990s. $1 was worth more then than it is now. Now that you do it like I did before, it’s going to be quite difficult.”

When asked about the biggest motivation for the conservative spending decision, Musk said that this is not necessarily the poverty that lives on compassion or charity. It was simply how he experienced the frugal life on his way to becoming a great businessman.


Most recently, in an interview with Vanity Fair, singer Grimes, ex-girlfriend Elon Musk also revealed that Musk used to live extremely “poor”, even “below the poverty line”.

Specifically, when the two were still living together, Grimes happened to discover that the mattress in the bedroom had a hole in it. However, instead of buying a new one, Musk suggested getting an old mattress from the Grimes’ house to save money.

“He didn’t even buy himself a new mattress,” Grimes said. “Musk does not live like a billionaire, sometimes below the poverty line. Sometimes I wonder if it’s okay to live in this $40,000 rental house without any security equipment. Neighbors are free to film us. I still have to eat peanut butter for eight days in a row.”

Elon Musk’s rental house

Not stopping there, Musk also decided to sell off all the real estate and live in a small prefab house only about 30m2, rented by SpaceX.


“The house in Boca Chica/Starbase that I live in costs about $50,000. I rented it from SpaceX,” Elon Musk shared on Twitter, and said the house is located in a town in the state of Texas, near the Mexican border and SpaceX’s rocket launch site.

Not paying much attention to money and material things may have allowed Musk to freely pursue big goals and dreams. The proof is that up to now, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Elon Musk is “teaming” the throne of the richest person on the planet with $ 232 billion, far ahead of billionaire Jeff Bezos – who is ranked second in the ranking. ranked with 186 billion USD.

Last year, the billionaire holding the electric car company Tesla and the space company SpaceX also almost dominated the US media. Musk’s every move is sought after by the press, from very ordinary Tweets to a poll to sell tens of billions of dollars in shares. It is said that simply because Musk is rich, his influence is also proportional to the total wealth he has.

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