Rеvеаlιng heаrtbreаkιng reason why Princess Diana always had to wear her outfit again and again

More than two decades after  Princess Diana  's death, her fashion sense is still influential today. From "revenge dress" to streetwear, it all makes for a legendary fashion icon that has stood the test of time.

More than two decades after  Princess Diana  ‘s death, her fashion sense is still influential today. From “revenge dress” to streetwear, it all makes for a legendary fashion icon that has stood the test of time.

So famous, but few people know that Princess Diana always carries an obsession with her. Until she took her last breath in a car accident, it was still clinging to her.

Find a way to run away from the paparazzi

While Princess Kate always wears her previous outfits to implement the policy of saving and protecting the environment, Diana has another heartbreaking reason. Jenni Rivett, who previously worked as a coach for the late princess, said that she always wears streetwear to reduce the value of photos hunted by paparazzi.

Sharing on a popular show, Rivett recalled old memories: ” One of the ways Princess Diana dealt with the paparazzi was that she would wear the same Virgin sweater to every rehearsal. This is the best way to avoid the frenzied paparazzi. Similar photos will be greatly reduced in value.”


Princess Diana with a familiar sweater.

Therefore, if you have ever wondered why there are so many photos of the late princess wearing the same sweater over and over, the answer has been suggested. In the documentary titled “Diana and the Paparazzi” pointed out the bitter truth that: Before becoming a royal bride, Lady Diana Spencer at that time had a bad experience with the paparazzi. They followed her everywhere.

” During her first years in the royal family, Princess Diana was constantly on the front pages of newspapers and she became the most photographed woman in the world at that time. Years later, everything changed. Her right to privacy is blatantly violated, even dangerous , “the Smithsonian Channel’s website shared.


Princess Diana was hunted by paparazzi before she became a royal bride.

Princess Diana had to think of many ways to deal with the persistent pursuit of the paparazzi. In some cases, she will find a way to turn her back to the camera, covering her face with her hands so that paparazzi cannot capture the princess’s entire face.

In order to avoid paparazzi who can capture sensitive moments, Princess Diana cleverly used a clutch to shield the front of her chest. According to designer Anya Hindmarch, who has worked with Princess Diana, these clutches are even considered her “separate items”. 


Clutch is a useful accessory for Princess Diana.

While skiing in Austria, Princess Diana has repeatedly fooled the paparazzi with a clever tactic: She will befriend guests who look exactly like her to “blind” the paparazzi. It is impossible to know which one is Princess Diana.

Diana is a global fashion icon so it’s easy to see why so many women want to dress just like her. During one holiday, she met two women from Germany and the US who were “the same age and body” as the Princess. All three will wear nearly identical outfits to fool the paparazzi. They will leave the hotel at the same time. It’s a fun game!


Princess Diana managed to escape the paparazzi while skiing.

Obsessions follow forever

Why is Princess Diana constantly stalked by paparazzi? Richard Kay, a royal correspondent for the Daily Mail explains: ” There are many photographers who get rich just taking pictures of Princess Diana “.

Arthur Edwards, former royal photographer for The Sun added: ” There are more and more pictures of Princess Diana like a drug. No one can stop taking pictures of her. “

Princess Diana’s appeal was immense even as she left the royal family following her bitter divorce from Prince Charles. Journalist Robert Jobson said: ” Even though she is divorced, Princess Diana is still like a magnet to attract the media. She is always followed by at least 30 people in the press .”


A paparazzi jumped into the car of a guest having lunch with Mrs. Diana.


Paparazzi scrambled to get a picture of Princess Diana as she arrived in Lahore, Pakistan.


Princess Diana tried to escape the paparazzi on the street.

Princess Diana herself has repeatedly spoken out about the fear and extreme obsession caused by the paparazzi. ” The pressure was unbearable. I was constantly exhausted because the press was so cruel ,” Princess Diana choked up in a 1995 interview.

In August 1996, Princess Diana denounced a photographer who always followed and stalked her everywhere: ” He seemed to know my every move. I felt like a prisoner right away. in my own home. It’s constant harassment and it’s seriously harming my health .”

In the end, that obsessive clinging indirectly caused the death of the English rose, causing her to leave forever. At that time, Princess Diana and her boyfriend were madly stalked by the paparazzi. The car carrying her speeded through the night but ended up having an unexpected accident, forever burying the life of a world icon.


Princess Diana sat in the back seat. In front are bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones (left) and driver Henri Paul (right).


Funeral for Princess Diana.

The paparazzi did it: They killed Princess Diana! That was everyone’s opinion at the time of the tragedy. Even Prince Harry accused the paparazzi of doing nothing to save her. They only know how to continuously take pictures of that painful moment to publish in the newspaper.

To this day, more than two decades later, Prince Harry remains hostile to the paparazzi. He once expressed fear that his wife Meghan Markle would be the next victim like Princess Diana by the attack of the press. 

The camera is not a lethal weapon, only the user has turned it into a knife, an invisible bullet that kills others!

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