Rҽvҽαling The Expensive Luxury Apartment That Lisa Owns

In the past few years, Lisa (BLACKPINK) has been brighter than ever. Her fortune is no joke, in which fans are "stunned" with the apartment she owns.

Born in 1997, Lisa joined the Korean entertainment industry as a member of the group BLACKPINK. Not only possessing a strange beauty, a plump face, and big round eyes that are praised like a doll, but the female idol also possesses a talent for dancing.


Accordingly, Lisa can conquer the dance moves of many different girl groups after just a few follow-ups. In BLACKPINK, the female singer is considered the “dancing machine” of the group.

In addition, last October, Lisa made an impression when she released her first solo album “Lalisa” and made many achievements on digital music charts.

Beautiful, talented and famous, so it’s not surprising that Lisa is listed by  Celebrity Net Worth as the richest member of BLACKPINK with a net worth of up to 15 million USD (~ 340 billion VND). 


According to Korean media, in addition to the luxurious dorm that the company invests in for the members, Lisa is also not afraid to spend a “huge” amount of money to buy her own house to facilitate work and rest.

According to the images that have been revealed, the singer’s house is designed in white-gray tones and has a spacious space.

Lisa dedicated space of the living room to a studio, serving her photography hobby. As a pet lover, she also sets up a separate room for the pets with a place to play.


In addition, Lisa’s house also owns many expensive amenities such as 88-inch TV for about 700 million VND, the famous pink wavy mirror for nearly 200 million VND or luxury sofa, dining table and chairs, modern heater. … also cost several tens to hundreds of millions of dong.


It can be seen that, although never once rҽvҽalҽd the exact value of the house, but, looking at the interior of the apartment that Lisa owns, fans affirm, the true value of the house is also up to several years. million dollars.

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