Revealiпg the reason Real Madrid easily let Casemiro leave

Many people were surprised when Real Madrid did not stop Casemiro from joining Man United. But the reality is that they have made wise calculations long ago.

One of the keys to Real’s recent successes is that they always have a perfectly defined strategic plan at the sporting level for the coming years and always stick to it, not deviating from it.


In this plan, successfully managing the transition of the CMK trio to young midfielders is a key issue, as is the replacement of Benzema two years from now, with Haaland now being considered priority over Mbappé. 

Real got ready to say goodbye to CMK


Real Madrid has been working on the theory that two of their three famous midfielders will most certainly depart the club in the next two seasons (the current season and the following season) ever since the summer.

It is generally accepted that Modric will be the first to depart because of his advanced age (he will turn 37 in September), which is more than that of Kroos (32) and Casemiro (30).

Modric recently got his contract renewed and is actually still in excellent shape.

Despite being the youngest of Real’s illustrious triumvirate, Casemiro might be the first to depart. 

It is essential for Casemiro


Anyway, the departure of Casemiro as the first of the three in the Bermuda Triangle should not be too much of a hindrance as Tchouaméni’s arrival this summer is precisely oriented with the goal of replacing players. Brazilians in the medium term.

Casemiro has been offered a financial offer that cannot be refused from Man United (he will not double his salary but will also receive a very high one). Casemiro himself is aware that a footballer for whom Real paid 80 million will quickly take his place sooner or later.

In a word, Casemiro knew that leaving was necessary and inevitable. Therefore, his tendency is to go to Old Trafford, where in addition to making a lot of money, he will be playing regularly.

Real claim that they have the right to decide whether to leave or stay with a release clause of 500 million euros. But they let Casemiro decide for himself. It is understood that the White Vulture also secretly gave him the green light to leave.

Mark a transition


What matters in this strategic plan is how the CMK three will be replaced by young midfielders like Tchouaméni, Camavinga, Valverde, and Ceballos.

The procedure is carried out in a way that is not upsetting and does not ruin the positive environment that predominated last season.

They give Casemiro very high marks for this particular characteristic. Veterans like Benzema, Modric, or Kroos share the propensity to assist, albeit it doesn’t always take place.

Ancelotti’s tact is a key to a seamless transition when working with both seasoned players and newbies.

Alaba can also replace Casemiro


The fact is that Ancelotti has a lot of versatile players on hand who could be different alternatives to Tchoauaméni to fill the position left by Casemiro.

Camavinga is second choice and Alaba is third choice, as the player has played in that position with Bayern Munich and with the Austrian national team.

Alaba has the experience, the qualities, a lot of personality and a desire to feel important to take on this challenge.

As a result, Real Madrid show that they are prepared for a possible farewell from Casemiro.

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