Reveɑling the ‘ᴜnexpected’ reason behind Casemiro’s ‘strange behavior’ with Neymar

According to Marca, not less than once Casemiro tried to stuff something in Neymar’s nose. It seems that the action of the former Real Madrid star was planned in advance. In response, Brazil’s No. 10 followed suit. He even took the initiative to inhale what was brought up to his nose.

Casemiro’s strange behavior with Neymar.

Brazilian newspaper UOL reveɑled that it is a type of fɑt that is used by professional players to apply to the chest to improve respiratory function. This substance allows them to release their stuffy nose and breathe better. When playing with high intensity, players often strᴜggle with breathing, almost only using their mouths. As a result, they get tired more easily.

Casemiro kept putting something up Neymar’s nose.

“What happened to Neymar and Casemiro?”, “What is Casemiro doing?” or “Dani Alves might be jealous”,… are some of the reactions of fans when witnessing Casemiro’s actions with Neymar.

The PSG star actively inhaled what was brought to his nose from his teammates’ hands.

The move shows that Brazilian teammates and doctors care a lot about Neymar’s health. In the tournament, coach Tite and his team set the ambition to win the championship, the condition of the striker born in 1992 needs to be taken care of. Before that, he missed 2 group matches due to injury and did not seem to have time to recover.

In the 4-1 victory over South Korea, Neymar marked his return from injury in an impressive way. He was awarded the starting position, played 80 minutes and scored 1 goal. Neymar’s goal was made on the penalty spot in the 13th minute, making it 2-0. In the rest of the time, he also created many opportunities for his teammates in the Asian representative confrontɑtion.

After the match, Neymar was awarded 8 points by EuroSport, equal to captain Thiago Silva, Casemiro, Vinicius and Richarlison. This is the highest point.

Neymar is an irreplaceable star in Brazil

The goal against Korea was Neymar’s 76th goal for Brazil. He has the opportunity to equal or even break the record of Pele (77 goals), Brazil’s greatest goalscorer, when “Selecao” reached the quarterfinals of the 2022 World Cup.

Along with Ronaldo de Lima, Pele, Neymar is a Brazilian player who has scored in three different World Cups. By the end of the victory over Korea, Neymar scored 7 goals and provided 3 assists in 12 World Cup matches.

Bruno Fernandes: ‘If he starts, Ronaldo will score 3 goals’

Bruno Fernandes sympathized with Cristiano Ronaldo when CR7 had to be substituted in Portugal’s 6-1 win over Switzerland in the round of 16 of the World Cup.

“I don’t think Ronaldo is happy with that. If the coach lets me reserve the next game, I will be very angry. We won 2 games in the group stage when Ronaldo started. If he can start this match (with Switzerland – PV), Ronaldo can score 3 goals and no one will talk about him having to be a substitute,” Sky Sports quoted Bruno Fernandes as saying.

Bruno Fernandes thinks Ronaldo can score 3 goals if he starts

The Manchester United midfielder continued: “Ronaldo is doing his part and he is happy with the result because our aim is to go as far as possible.”

Bruno Fernandes has the third starting match in the 2022 World Cup when Portugal meets Switzerland in the round of 16. He set up a goal for Pepe, contributed in a 6-1 victory and went straight to the quarterfinals. Before this match, Bruno was a substitute and did not play a minute in the match between Portugal and Korea. So he showed sympathy for Ronaldo.

“I think people shouldn’t talk much about Ronaldo and why he’s not playing. When Ronaldo came out and the team won, nobody talked about it. But when Ronaldo plays and the team loses, people talk about it because Ronaldo is the most famous in the world of football,” Bruno shared.

Ronaldo lost his starting place in the Portuguese national team for the first time since Euro 2008.

Unlike Bruno Fernandes, Gary Neville, Ronaldo’s senior when they both played for Man Utd, fiercely criticized: “A lot of Ronaldo fans are not willing to tell him the trᴜth, which he does. need to be received. Those temper tantrums, sulking, Ronaldo has to stop because it doesn’t reflect him well at all.”

Former Man Utd defender said that it is not natural that the coaches of Juventus, Man Utd or recently the Portuguese team are ready to push Ronaldo to the bench.

“Even coach Fernando Santos, who has a close eight-year relationship with Ronaldo, is ready to do so. Ronaldo is always determined to become the best player in the world. That is the strength that helps him surpass Messi, break many records. But there will come a time when he needs to think about the collective, “Neville shared.