Rick Ross Just Bought A $28 million Jet Fit For A Boss With His Name Emblazoned Across It

Renowned rapper turned business mogul, Rick Ross, regularly flaunts his extravagant lifestyle on social media. From custom cars and diamond jewelry to lavish attire, he offers glimpses into the opulent Rich Boss life he leads.


Rick Ross takes immense pride in his remarkable collection, boasting over 100 bespoke and rare cars stored across the country. At his Florida estate, he hosts an annual automobile gathering, a magnificent fusion of an auto expo and extravagant rave, complete with prestigious awards for fellow vehicle enthusiasts.


Until recently, Rick Ross’ impressive collection lacked one key element: a private plane. However, that changed when he acquired a customized 2012 Gulfstream G550 with dual Rolls-Royce engines. Proudly showcasing the jet on social media, he dubbed it a “$5 billion play,” symbolizing his aspiration to one day achieve billionaire status. Despite misconceptions, Ross didn’t actually spend $5 billion on the aircraft; it served as a symbolic representation of his determination to reach new heights in his career.



The private jet epitomizes Rick Ross’ extravagant style, adorned with “RICK RO$$” lettering in rose gold against a black backdrop and featuring the Maybach Music Group emblem on the rear bumper. With the registration number N676AS under Maybach AIR LLC, Ross eagerly anticipates its completion for upcoming international ventures.

While Ross may not be the one piloting, his opulent lifestyle remains a captivating source of fascination for his millions of fans worldwide, showcasing his continued ascent in the business world.