Rick Ross remains undeterred towards Miami Heat: $500,000 for a winning game and his weird face

Despite any challenges or obstacles, Rick Ross continues to show unwavering support for the Miami Heat basketball team.

With an offer of $500,000 for a victorious match, he demonstrates his commitment to their success. Moreover, his eccentric demeanor only adds to the allure of his dedication, making him a notable figure both on and off the court. Rick Ross’s unyielding support and unique personality serve as a testament to his passion for the game and his love for the Miami Heat.

“We most definitely finishing better than the Cavaliers,” Ross said. I’ll pυt a 100 grand on that.”

While that’s looking even less likely today than it was then, as the Heat (15-20) are looking like a fringe playoff teaм in a dreadful Eastern Conference, one has to give it up to Ross for being a true fan.