RM геvеаled ‘don’t want to live like this’, pressure of being representative of Asian community

Since their 2013 debut, BTS has experienced ᴜnexpected growth in both popularity and impact. BTS has demonstrated their global influence at some of the most important international gatherings to discuss important issues as a result of the members’ dedication.

But RM recently spoke about the challenges he sometimes faces, particularly in light of their impact.

BTS met with U.S. President Joe Biden on May 31 to talk about Asian inclusiveness, anti-Asian hate crimes, and other topics.

Just after 2:30 PM, during Press Secretary Karine Jean-press Pierre’s conference, the group made a public appearance in front of reporters (ET). All of the participants at the meeting spoke on the issue, and RM followed suit by outlining its significance.

‘We are BTS, and it is a wonderful pleasure to be welcomed to The White House today to talk about critical topics like Asian inclusion and diversity as well as anti-Asian hate crimes.’  — RM

President Biden later met the group, and he was effusive in his praise for the participants. President Joe Biden геvеаled to BTS why so many people are concerned about what they say and who they impact.

‘People pay close attention to what you have to say, and what you’re doing is beneficial to everyone.

The message you’re conveying is just as important as your exceptional skill.

It’s important.’ — Joe Biden, President

‘But in a recent interview for Rolling Stone with Pharrel Williams, the hero spoke up about some of his anxieties and concerns with the demands of being seen as the voice of the Asian Community.’

On how unexpected the opportunity to attend the U.N. and meet the president was.

‘We visited the U.N. as a group, and we also got to speak with President Biden. We never anticipated these things to occur.’  — RM

However, he also shared the weight that came with that, since the group’s members were often referred to as speaking for the “Asian Community,” particularly given that the most recent event dealt with Asian hatred.’

But I believe it was only natural that we were one of the Asian community’s spokesmen. I often ask yourself, “Am I that good? Do I deserve all of these obligations? And I’m really questioning myse’lf. — RM

However, Pharrell also highlighted how much BTS is accomplishing at a time when Asians all across the globe have been experiencing a lot of abuse in the video interview.

‘I like what you stand for at a time when Asian people in general, even those who may not identify in a binary sense, are experiencing such hardship. The Asian community has gone through so much, and I’ve received so much from them. I believe that by your enthusiasm, you are demonstrating to all artists that humility is a virtue.’ — Pharrell

As if that weren’t enough, Pharrel said that BTS’s enthusiasm and attitude really stood out as well.

‘I believe your men have a terrific vibe since you all radiate humility.’ – Pharrel

When discussing the group, RM has never been hesitant to display his vulnerability. Idols might experience pressure from their fаme or from the “rules” of K-Pop, but RM puts his heart on his sleeve and demonstrates this.