‘Stᴜnneɗ’: RM is dating Soyeon? Post provokes ARMYs into fгеnzy

Might BTS‘s RM be dating?

The lyrics of “Change pt.2” by RM, which appeared on his first official solo album Indigo, on Friday, December 2, reflected on a failed relationship and unmistakably sound like they were written from the viewpoint of a heartbroken person.

I can’t believe I loved you once. Fool me once, then fool me twice. Shame on you, yeah, shame on me.

— BTS’s RM “Change pt.2.”

One of the few times RM has discussed dating is in “Change pt.2,” despite the fact that he and his bandmates hardly ever discuss their personal lives. Even when asked about dating in the past, RM responded that the group wanted to concentrate on their careers.

Despite RM’s lack of comment on dating, he frequently faces rumors. He may have a secret wife, according to some, while he may have a secret boyfriend, according to others.

However, ARMYs are worried that RM might start dating once more.

RM recently updated his Instagram with several photos. He captioned it, “Things I’ve seen lately.” 

A photo of graffiti was included among the photographs of works of art in museums. Hangul was written in the center of the rusted and faded writing.

Considering that RM shared what appears to be a dedication between lovers, ARMYs couldn’t help but wonder if the “Sooyeon” in question was a potential romantic interest for him.

All of a sudden, every ARMY was known as “Sooyeon.” Whether they were Korean or not was also irrelevant.


Several people mocked one another over it.

But it was from 2017. On top of that, the graffiti wall contained additional BTS-related writing.

Consequently, it is highly likely that an ARMY wrote.

back then, and RM merely found it to be endearing. He then took a picture and posted it.

After all, RM most definitely loves the Army!

Jin (BTS) is strange with parted hair, ready to enlist

Yesterday (December 11), BTS’ Jin shared a photo of himself with a new hairstyle on his dedicated fan platform WeVerse. Specifically, Jin officially cut his hair short to prepare for his enlistment tomorrow (December 13).

Sharing about his new “hairstyle”, Jin told the fans, “Heh heh! It’s cuter than I thought”. Right after that, fans also praised Jin’s new image. Even many fans think that shaving his head makes the face of the “older brother” of BTS much more prominent and brighter.

Also in the conversation with the audience, Jin once again reminded fans not to go to the training center. The reason was because he didn’t want to affect other people who were also enlisted. In addition, having too many people come can be dangerous for everyone around. Authorities are also said to be increasing security, taking additional measures to ensure safety on the day the male idol enlists in the army.

According to the announcement, Jin will officially enlist tomorrow (December 13) at a training center dedicated to recruits in Yeoncheon, South Korea. The place where Jin enlisted is one of the coldest areas in the North of Korea. The temperature here once dropped to -20 degrees Celsius in 2021. The male idol will have to undergo a basic military training course for 5 weeks before transferring to the army unit.