Rolling Stone Magazine Changes Its Publication Date Just For Jungkook’s Birthday

This is Rolling Stone 's first collaboration with a fanbase! ARMY's power is scary!

BTS and ARMY have once again proven their huge power and influence. In a never-before-seen collaboration with Rolling Stone , Jungkook China fanbase Jungkook China will publish a full-page color ad in the September issue to celebrate the idol’s birthday.


Not only is this the first time a birthday project has been featured in Rolling Stone , it’s also the first time the magazine has collaborated with a fanbase.

Although it’s not unusual to advertise a K-pop idol’s birthday, it’s quite rare in magazines. Of course, it’s been done before but never with a magazine as big as Rolling Stone . Jungkook China has also released a preview for the page they plan to post.


There are many reasons for Jungkook China to choose Rolling Stone . This monthly magazine is one of the most serious, with a focus on music and pop culture. It’s like the bible with many people coming to read high-quality art and music articles.


Best of all, Rolling Stone will be rescheduled, an unprecedented move! They still usually release on the 6th of every month. However, to coincide with Jungkook’s birthday on September 1, the magazine agreed to an early release


Of course, many other huge Jungkook birthday projects are also in the works:


Indeed, BTS and ARMY always do things that others can’t even imagine!


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