Rolling Stone’s 100 best albums in 2022: BTS – BLACKPINK appear, 1 Kpop rookie is unbelievable in the top

Recently, Rolling Stone – the world famous music magazine has selected the top 100 best albums in 2022. This list will include many genres in music such as Pop, Rock, Indie-pop… It has become a hot topic of discussion among fans around the world. In addition to the world’s top names, this ranking also has the presence of many Kpop giants, showing the current global coverage of the Hallyu wave.

Top 100 best albums voted by Rolling Stone

Specifically, with outstanding achievements in the year, it is not surprising that BLACKPINK ‘s album BORN PINK is on the chart. YG’s girlgroup has “landed” at number 25 among a series of world-famous names.

The popular American magazine affirmed: “The BORN PINK album is the best music BLACKPINK has ever made so far.” With this album, Rolling Stone also favorably called the 4 girls rock queens.

BLACKPINK also excelled at #25 with Born Pink

In particular, the list also features J-Hope with the solo album Jack In The Box. The BTS member excellently won 9th place according to the rating of the popular magazine.

Rolling Stone also praised J-Hope’s solo performance as well as believing in the next products the male idol will release.

J-Hope’s solo album is highly rated

Notably, this chart also has the appearance of NewJeans with the debut album of the same name at No. 46. The appearance of “BTS’s sister” has made people extremely surprised because the group just debuted in August. this year, affirming the title of “dinosaur rookie”.

“NewJeans are part of the latest generation of K-pop and their debut mini album has laid a solid foundation for them to grow and mature. It’s only a short album, but it makes us look forward to more,” Rolling Stone emphasized about the promising future of the HYBE girl group in the international market.

NewJeans is expected to grow more and more