Ronaldo and Maguire top the ‘black list’ in the English Premier League

A statistic shows that Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo and Harry Maguire are the two footballers most insulted on Twitter among Premier League players.

Analysis by British media regulator  Ofcom  revealed that in the 2.3 million tweets in the first half of the Premier League last season, there were nearly 60,000 posts with content that insulted the players.


And half of that offensive content only targeted 12 names. But it is worth noting that of these, there are 8 people on the MU payroll. At the top was  Ronaldo, followed by Maguire, Rashford and Bruno Fernandes. This is not difficult to understand because last season saw MU’s bad decline with disastrous defeats against Liverpool or Man City.

Therefore, the fans have a reason to vent their frustrations on many MU members, especially Ronaldo and Maguire. The climax occurred on November 7 last year, when Maguire apologized to fans on  Twitter  after the 0-2 loss to Manchester City. In response, the English defender received thousands of posts and comments with harsh language.


Ronaldo is always the most criticized topic on cyberspace

Twitter  said it had also removed more than 38,000 abusive tweets attacking players. They pledge that they will do everything to combat discriminatory, libelous, and offensive words on their platform.

But Ofcom thinks that is still not enough. The agency came to the conclusion that the service providers must take stronger action to protect the players.


“These types of cyberattacks have no place in sport, nor in society. Tackling it requires a community effort. Media companies don’t need to wait for new legislation to make it happen. their websites and applications more secure.

They must be proactive in preventing this problem. We expect them to tailor their services to the safety of their users,” an Ofcom spokesperson said.



Cristiano Ronaldo – 12,520 times

Harry Maguire – 8,954

Marcus Rashford – 2,557

Bruno Fernandes – 2,464

Harry Kane – 2.127

Fred – 1,924

Jesse Lingard – 1.605

Jack Grealish – 1,538

Paul Pogba – 1,446

David de Gea – 1,394

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