Ronaldo is living in 2005 when using an ‘antique’ iPod Shuffle – Fans are divided because of its trend on Twitter that makes stores sell quickly

As one of the most famous and richest players in the world, Ronaldo still uses his old iPod to listen to music.

The ESPN FC fan page has just posted a picture of Ronaldo appearing with an old iPod model with the content “Cristiano Ronaldo is living in 2005”. The post received more than 11,000 likes and nearly 500 comments after 1 hour.

From the image, it is easy to see that football superstar Ronaldo is using a 2005 iPod model. The device, called the iPod Shuffle, is “smaller and lighter than a pack of gum”. The lowest version has a capacity of 512 MB, containing 120 songs. At the time of launch, the device was sold for $ 99, while the price of the 1 GB version was $ 149.

Ronaldo uses a 2005 iPod.

On the front, the iPod Shuffle has play/pause, previous/next, volume up/down buttons. The back has a battery capacity indicator light, a 3-level switch for off, random play and sequential play.

“I’m sure he likes the old stuff and wants to listen to his favorite songs on his iPod,” commented Nana Boachie Kojo Yiadom.

“I like that Cristiano still listens to music on the iPod Shuffle because I also have one. It’s light and I can listen to music for hours without worrying about running out of battery like on my phone,” commented female fan Melina Salisbury.

Meanwhile, account Chris Brewer said, “I think once you get too rich, you get bored with a lot of things. In this case, maybe Ronaldo wants to use things that make him feel comfortable and normal.”

“It’s heartwarming to see Cristiano Ronaldo still using an iPod Shuffle in 2020,” another fan shared.

Some Twitter accounts claim that the price of this old music player may increase after the image of C. Ronaldo listening to music on an iPod caused a stir and that it was a clever advertising strategy.

According to Calcio Mercato, Ronaldo has become the first superstar to have more than 400 million followers on social networking sites. Becoming the No. 1 superstar on social networks helps CR7 earn a lot of money from advertising contracts.