Ronaldo jr’s mother and everything you need to know since 2010

On June 17, 2010, Ronaldo shocked the world when he announced on his personal page that he became a father for the first time. At this time, the Portuguese striker is dating supermodel Irina Shayk, but the Russian beauty is not the boy’s mother. At the time, CR7 said his son’s mother did not want to be known and that he was the guardian of Cristiano Jr. December 2010

Ronaldo dated supermodel Irina Shayk in 2010 but the Russian beauty is not Ronaldo Jr’s mother

Ronaldo’s first son is named after his father, Cristiano Jr. The baby was born in the US and was brought to Madrid by her grandmother Dolores from a private hospital here. Since then, Cristiano Jr started life in Spain with his famous father.

Until now, no one knows the true identity of Cristiano Jr.’s mother.

Through the British and American press, fans only know that Cristiano Junior’s mother is an American waitress, working at a restaurant in Manchester. During his time playing for the Red Devils, Ronaldo visited this location and accidentally kept an eye on her. Friends who accompanied Ronaldo recounted that CR7 immediately flirted and asked this woman out after the first meeting.

After this “adventure”, people no longer see the black waitress going to work or meeting the Portuguese striker because she is now pregnant. She immediately contacted Ronaldo’s agent, Jorge Mendes, to find a solution for this incident.

Ronaldo wants to keep information about his son’s mother private

As reveɑled by the Daily Mail, Ronaldo took a DNA test and all results showed that the boy born was his biological son. Also according to media information, the mysтerious woman received 10 million dollars from Ronaldo to keep her identity private and send her children to him. Little Cristiano Junior himself has also secreтly met his biological mother a number of times in the past.

Then, Honduras’ Laprensa newspaper published a picture of the waitress for the first time and confirmed that this girl was the biological mother of Ronaldo’s son. In this photo, the waitress in a blue shirt is sitting next to Ronaldo. The girl has brown skin, curly hair and obviously Cristiano Junior looks a lot like her mother.

The American waitress is rᴜmored to be the biological mother of Ronaldo’s son

At the end of 2011, The Sun newspaper attracted attention with information that Cristiano Jr’s mother had died, based on the revelations of Katia Aveiro – C. Ronaldo’s sister. In an interview, Katia said: “No woman called the boy. His mother died. My nephew has no mother.” However, the 36-year-old superstar sister did not elaborate further on how and where the woman, believed to be Cristiano Jr’s mother, died.

CR7’s eldest son is four years old, his other sister Elma blurts out: “Once, we told him that his mother was in heaven. When my mother and brother heard about it, they suggested it. I don’t say that anymore. Now we say that her mother is away on business. The boy became silent and forgot everything, didn’t ask any more questions.”

Ronaldo’s mother also hinted in her autobiography: “Cristianinho will never know who his mother is”.

Even information about Cristiano Jr.’s mother also kept secгet by Ronaldo’s family members.

However, in a conversation with MC Jonathan Ross in 2015, C. Ronaldo said that when the time is right, he will tell the truтh about his mother to his son.

“My child doesn’t know who the mother is but I don’t see a problem. There are also many children in this world who live without a parent, or one of them has passed away. Cristianinho has a wonderful father. wonderful and a grandma who loves her grandchild dearly. I have the support of my family, isn’t it wonderful?

Ronaldo said he will tell his son Cristiano Jr about his mother when he grows up

“Sometimes in life it’s private and everyone has to respect it. I won’t lie to him. When he’s older, I’ll tell the truтh because Cristiano Jr deserves to know. But I will. I don’t speak just because people want me to say it,” the MU superstar shared. Up to now, the identity of the first son of the C. Ronaldo family is still a secreт.