Ronaldo let girlfriend cut his hair and the ending made everyone laugh

Ronaldo is known to be concerned about looks in the football world. He always polishes his hair every time he plays on the field. CR7’s hairstyle is always an inspiration for fans around the world to cut.

Every time he cuts his hair, Ronaldo always has a team of skilled hairdressers to correct his hair so that his hair always has its own lines.

However, during self-isolation, unable to mobilize the famous scissors to cut his hair, Ronaldo took the rιsk to let his beautiful girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez cut his hair with a trimmer.

Unable to go to the salon due to Covid-19, Cristiano Ronaldo asked girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez to cut his hair.

“Stay at home and stay stylish,” Ronaldo wrote on Instagram with a video of him getting his hair cut at home by his girlfriend Georgina on April 4. After half a day, the video attracted more than 40 million views and nearly 150,000 comments.

Ronaldo was excited when his girlfriend cut his hair for the first time.

Georgina is no beginner in hair. She used to be the manager of Insparya, the hair transplant center launched last year in Madrid. This center is Ronaldo’s nearest investment project.

The trend of asking relatives to cut their hair during the epidemic season was initiated by Paul Pogba in the football world more than 10 days ago. David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo are the latest names in the sports world.

Ronaldo’s strange hairstyle

Ronaldo has been in a private villa in Portugal for the past three weeks. After returning home to visit his hospitalized mother, he stayed and self-quarantined. With Serie A postponed indefinitely, the former Juventus player still has to practice his own lesson plan at home for the time being.